10th grade reading list for students aged 15

Creating homeschool reading lists for my children is one of my favorite parts of planning a new school year. I want the book choices to lớn be intentional so I start early planning early in the summer. I just finished planning my daughter’s 10th grade reading danh sách và I am very excited khổng lồ start reading some of these books.

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Whenever possible I like to tie in our homeschool lessons with real life. It just helps make more of an impact than keeping school life separate from real life. After all, isn’t one of the benefits of homeschooling being able to lớn teach through real-life circumstances?

Before COVID-19 shut down borders và canceled travel plans, my husband và I had planned lớn take our children around the world this year. It was something that we had planned, saved for, và dreamed of since our oldest was a tiny baby. I dreamt of spending quiet mornings in locally owned cafes sipping lattes & reading books phối in whichever country we happened to be visiting.

Clearly our plans have sầu changed.

We likely won’t be able to actually get on planes và trot across the globe this year, but we can still explore the world through books.

For my daughter’s 10th grade reading danh mục I decided to lớn focus on World Literature. World Literature is on her grvà 4-year high school plan và although it doesn’t really matter when this course is completed, it has to lớn happen sometime so it might as well be this year.

Part of me still hopes that we will get to do a little international travel this year, so tackling high school World Literature now makes sense.

Up until this point we have read a lot of books together, but not done much literary analysis. Sure, I would kiểm tra for comprehension and we would discuss the book, but there was not much in-depth analysis. I want khổng lồ change that this year as we study the 10th grade reading danh sách.

It has been a long time since my college literary analysis class so I am reading How to lớn Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively và Entertaining Guide lớn Reading Between the Lines by Thomas Foster over the summer.


It is the perfect refresher for me, but I think high schoolers might get something out of it too. I don’t plan lớn require my daughter to lớn read the entire book, but I will assign certain chapters next year as they align with what we are reading.

How I created this 10th grade reading các mục . . .

The very first thing I did khổng lồ create this 10th grade reading danh mục was start making a các mục of all the possible World Literature book choices. I spent quite a lot of time searching on GoodReads và Amazon. The menu grew to over 30 titles representing countries all around the world.

Next, I started researching the individual titles from my large master danh sách. I asked myself a few questions:

Is this book appropriate for high school in terms of difficulty and content?Does it paint the country in a neutral light or does it make it seem lượt thích the country is just full of drugs & prostitutes?Does the author have a connection with the country?Does the plot sound interesting enough to lớn hold my daughter’s interest?

The answers khổng lồ these questions helped me narrow down my book choices.

Finally, I chose titles from each continent with the exception of Antarctica. I wanted a diverse 10th grade reading list if I was going lớn use it to teach World Literature.

I chose 7 titles as part of this 10th grade reading list because I want khổng lồ be able to lớn spover 4-6 weeks with each selection. We typically homeschool for 36 weeks each year, so an average of 5 weeks per book gives us 7 books.

10th Grade Reading List

The Queen of Water by Laura Resau & Maria Virginia Farinango


Continent: South America

Country: Ecuador

The Queen of Water is a young adult novel set in a village in Ecuador. It is based on the true story of a young girl who must leave sầu her trang chính at a very young age to be a housekeeper for a wealthy family.

Virginia, the main character, must khuyễn mãi giảm giá with discrimination and poverty, but she overcomes those challenges on a journey of self-discovery. Overcoming adversity seems like a great theme for a 10th grade reading các mục.

One of the authors is from an Indigenous community in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, so I trust that the culture & geography are accurate.

The author’s official website has a tremendous amount of không tính phí teaching resources for this book, including a pronunciation guide so we can make sure we are pronouncing new words correctly.

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Carmelo by Sandra Cisneros


Continent: North America

Country: Mexico

Every summer Ceyala & her family make the 2,000-mile journey from Chicago lớn Mexiteo City. They go to lớn visit Little Grandfather và Awful Grandmother.

This is a story of dealing with a multi-generational family, history, và cultures.

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The author has dual citizenship with the United States and Mexiteo so she is certainly qualified to teach us about the history, culture, và family traditions of a Mexican family.

Baking Cakes in Kigali by Gail Parkin


Continent: Afria

Country: Rwanda

Angel Tungazara is well-known in her community for being a wonderful baker. Her kitchen is a wonderful addition lớn her neighborhood. We all know that kitchens are not only about the food but also about the connection with others.

This story introduces some tough topics – genocide, AIDs, và female genital mutilation. However, those are second to the story of the community. A 10th grade reading các mục focusing on world history seems like a good time to lớn start exposing my daughter lớn these tough topics.

My goal is never khổng lồ shelter my teenage daughter from some of the harsher aspects of life but to walk beside her as we discuss what we can do khổng lồ help.

Gaile Parkin, the author, has lived in many parts of Africa. She was born và raised in Zambia, attended university in South Africa, & worked in Rwanda for many years. I trust her writing to be honest, but fair, concerning the culture and geography of Rwandomain authority because she was a part of the community.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens


Continent: Europe

Country: England

I have found that homeschooling in December is much more pleasant if I incorporate Christmas inlớn the lesson plans as much as possible. Our minds are already in holiday mode, so we might as well lean inlớn that by reading and analyzing a Christmas story.

A Christmas Carol is a book that can be read over and over again. In this classic novella, Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by 3 ghosts on Christmas Eve sầu. His experiences with these spirits transform his heart and his life.

The story is mix in Victorian Engl&, so Charles Dickens, who lived in Victorian Englvà, is the perfect author for this story.

Life of Pi by Yann Martel


Continent: Asia

Country: India

Pi is the teenage son of a zookeeper from India. His family is moving from India to America by boat and they brought many of their zoo animals along for the journey.

Unfortunately, the cargo ship sinks and Pi finds himself alone on a lifeboat with just a hyena, an oranguchảy, a zebra, và a 450 pound Bengal tiger.

Pi needs khổng lồ use every bit of knowledge và ingenuity in order lớn survive the transatlantic journey with a wild animal.

The author has spent some time visiting India, but in this particular story, I was not really concerned about authenticity. I mean, has anyone spent time trapped on a small lifeboat with a dangerous tiger?

Throwaway Daughter by Ting-Xing Ye


Continent: Asia

Country: China

This young adult novel tells the story of Grace Dong-mei Parker, a young woman who was adopted by Canadian parents. She was born in China and abandoned at birth due khổng lồ the one-child per family rule.

She learns Chinese, leaves Canada, và travels lớn a village in Đài Loan Trung Quốc in search of her birth mother. It takes a lot of hard work, but she eventually locates her birth mother & is able lớn reclayên a piece of her past.

The author of this book was born in Đài Loan Trung Quốc và had a child under the one-child policy. She also lost tương tác with her daughter for many years when she moved out of the country. She has direct experience with the subject matter, so I trust her interpretation of Chinese family culture.

The Light Between the Oceans by M.L. Stedman


Continent: Oceania

Country: Australia

Tom works off the coast of Australia as a lighthouse keeper on Janus Roông xã. His wife, Isabel, joins hlặng with the hopes of building a family in their isolated home page.

Years later, still with no children, a boat washes up onshore carrying a deceased man and a crying infant. The couple care for the child as their own but disagree about whether it should be reported. Tom, who keeps meticulous records, wants khổng lồ alert officials, but Isabel yearns to lớn call this child her own gift from God.

The author lives in Australia, so I feel comfortable with her knowledge of Australian geography and culture.

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My goal in studying World Literature through this 10th grade reading các mục is khổng lồ gently expose my daughter to lớn new cultures. I’m sure we will add in a little geography practice too.

Have you read any of the world literature titles on this 10th grade reading list?

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