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The Harlem Renaissance, a movement of the 1920’s, marked the twentieth century’s

first period of intense activity by African Americans in the field of literature, art, and

music in the United States. The philosophy of the movement combined realism, ethnic

Line consciousness, và Americanism. Encouraged by the example of certain Americans

(5) of European descent such as Thomas Eakins, Robert Henri, and George Luks, who had

included persons of African descent in their paintings as serious studies rather than as

trivial or sentimental stereotypes, African American artists of this period mix about

creating a new portrayal of themselves và their lives in the United States. As they began

to strive sầu for social and cultural independence. Their attitudes toward themselves changed,

(10) &, to some extent, other segments of American society began khổng lồ change their attitudes

toward them. Thus, thought the Harlem Renaissance was a short-lived movement, its

impact on American art & culture continues to the present.

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The district in Thành Phố New York City know as Harlem was the capital of the movement.

In 1925 an issue of Survey Graphic magazine devoted exclusively lớn Harlem & edited

(15) by philosopher Alain Locke became the manifesto lớn of the African American artistic

movement. Locke strongly suggested that individuals, while accepting their Americanism,

take pride in their African ancestral arts và urged artists to lớn look lớn Africa for substance

và inspiration. Far from advocating a withdrawal from American culture, as did some of

his contemporaries, Locke recommended a cultural pluralism through which artists could

(20) enrich the culture of America. African Americans were urged by Locke to lớn be collaborators

và participators with other Americans in art, literature, và music; & at the same time

to preserve, enhance, and promote their own cultural heritage.

Artists & intellectuals from many parts of the United States & the Caribbean had

been attracted khổng lồ Harlem by the pulse và beat of its quality & dynamic culture. From

(25) this unity created by the convergence of artists from various social và geographical

backgrounds came a new spirit, which, particularly in densely populated Harlem, was

to lớn result in greater group awareness and self-determination. African American graphic

artists took their place beside the poets and writers of the Harlem Renaissance and

carried on efforts khổng lồ increase và promote the visual arts.

21. What does the passage mainly discuss?

(A) African American paintings in the 1920’s

(B) An arts movement of the 1920’s

(C) The influence of Alain Locke on African American art

(D) Some ways in which African culture inspired American literature, art và music

22. According to lớn the passage, Tomas Eakins, Robert Henri, and George Luks were important because of

(A) the philosophical contributions they made to the Harlem Renaissance

(B) their development of a new style of African American art

(C) they way in which they depicted African Americans in their paintings

(D) their independence from European artistic traditions

23. The word “them” in line 11 refers to

(A) Americans of European descent (B) paintings

(C) African American artists (D) attitudes

24. According lớn the passage, African American artists of the 1920’s differed from earlier African American artists in terms of their feelings about

(A) themselves (B) other artists

(C) their impact on American art (D) stereotypes

25. The word “urged” in line 17 is closest is meaning to

(A) prepared (B) defined (C) permitted (D) encouraged


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Alain Locke believed all of the following to lớn be important khổng lồ the African American artistic

movement EXCEPT

(A) pride in African art (B) cultural pluralism

(C) collaboration with other artists (D) withdrawal from American culture

27. In mentioning “the pulse & beat” (line24) of Harlem during the 1920’s, the author is

characterizing the district as one that

(A) depended greatly on its interaction with other parts of the city

(B) grew economically in a short period of time

(C) was an exciting place to lớn be

(D) was in danger of losing population

28. The word “convergence” in line 25 is closest in meaning to

(A) gathering (B) promotion (C) expression (D) influence

29. According to lớn the passage, all of the following were true of Harlem in the 1920’s EXCEPT:

(A) Some Caribbean artists & intellectuals lived there.

(B) It attracted people from various regions of United States.

(C) It was one of the most expensive sầu neighborhoods in Thủ đô New York City.

(D) It was a quality cultural center.

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30. The phrase “carried on” in line 29 is closest in meaning to

(A) continued (B) praised (C) transformed (D) connected


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