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One-Year Love to lớn Learn, Love sầu lớn Teach™ Guarantee.

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Complete 8th grade homeschool curriculum in one quick order.

Get our best recommendations for your eighth grader with this All-Subjects Package. Simply choose between a 4-Day or 5-Day option. With an All-Subjects Package, you’ll get your entire curriculum for the year, including:

Daily lesson plans, notes và teaching tips for the entire year.A History / Bible / Literature program that integrates History, Geography, Bible, Readers and Read-Alouds.Language Arts, ScienceMath.Our biggest discount (save 20% off retail!)

Success from the start—guaranteed!

Whether you are new to homeschooling or new to khudothi-kingbay.com, this package will equip you lớn teach one child (ages 13-15) for an entire year while you prepare him or her for a lifetime of spiritual & academic success. To use this program with multiple children, simply add extra copies of the few consumable items and purchase each additional student their own skill-based programs (i.e. Math) as needed.

It"s flexible–khổng lồ fit your family"s needs.

All of the planning is done for you. Relax knowing you don"t have lớn be an expert khổng lồ give your child an excellent education. Simply follow our step-by-step Instructor"s Guide.

Included in this package:

Instructor’s GuidesHistory & GeographyBibleRead-AloudsReadersLanguage ArtsScienceMathResources

Here’s an in depth look at what you’ll receive:

Instructor"s Guides

The Instructor"s Guides include complete, 36-week lesson plans and notes that integrate your children"s various subjects inlớn an exciting, unified learning experience. The Instructor"s Guides weave your books and materials together into lớn a cohesive full-year curriculum—it"s your roadmaps for the entire school year!

History, Geography, Bible reading & memorization

This program completes the study that began in khudothi-kingbay.com G. Get a backstage pass to lớn the last 500 years of World History—colonial rule và colonial rule overthrown, the influence of the Renaissance on the American và French Revolutions, the World Wars & life for everyday people during those wars. In this program, you will meet the people whose ideas và actions forged the course of history, from reformers lớn rocket scientists. Gain a working knowledge of what happened from the 17th century to lớn about 1990.

khudothi-kingbay.com H includes a phối of challenging books and fun books. You’ll find thrilling adventures, laugh-out-loud scenes, & heartwarming stories, for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Includes khudothi-kingbay.com’s History / Bible / Literature H program, World History, Year 2 of 2 (5-Day).

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khudothi-kingbay.com offers two types of literature: Read-Alouds for parents khổng lồ nói qua with their children, & Readers for children lớn read on their own. The Read-Alouds offer more sophisticated story lines và rich discussion points, và the Readers offer age-appropriate reading tied directly into lớn the history content of the program.

Language Arts

This year in 8th grade, your children will have sầu many opportunities to develop into lớn well-rounded writers with a blend of grammar, mechanics, & creative sầu instruction. From haiku to the retìm kiếm paper, from gerunds to participles, from writing a superb literary hook lớn avoiding fragments, students gain tools khổng lồ become more effective communicators.

At this màn chơi, Language Arts instruction and assignments are linked to the History / Bible / Literature program, which means that every assignment reinforces what your children are learning about as they read.

8th grade literature program includes Language Arts H, 5-Day.


Hands-on Science with everything you need lớn teach successfully. Includes either Science H - Technology (4-day program) or General Science H (5-day program).


khudothi-kingbay.com includes Math-U-See Algebra 1 in the 8th Grade All-Subjects Package. Algebra 1 covers topics like graphing, simultaneous equations, exponents, polynomials, & unit multipliers. Your student will learn about commutative sầu and associative properties, the order of operations, solving for an unknown with one variable, the distributive property, the slope-intercept formula and finding the slope-intercept formula with different givens among other things.


A few essential resources make your learning extra rich this year. The All-Subjects package includes a 3” Binder with Tabs to organize your Instructor’s Guides. We recommend adding The Timeline Book, & Markable Map & Markers if you don’t already own them. (The Timeline Book & Markable Map only need to lớn be purchased once. You"ll be using them each year).

An Extended Money-Back Guarantee

We"re so confident that you & your children will love sầu to learn with this package of books for 8th grade, we give you a guarantee unmatched anywhere else in the homeschool world. Take up lớn a year khổng lồ use the first half of this package. Read the books, write in the schedule ... even dog-ear the book pages if you want! If you don"t completely love sầu it, return it for a full refund of your purchase price. Get full details about the Love sầu to lớn Learn, Love sầu lớn Teach™ Guarantee here.

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Hands-On (Optional)

The OPTIONAL World History II - Lap Book can be added lớn this package và is scheduled in the Instructor"s Guide for your convenience.

*Daily Time Requirements (including your other subjects.)Child: 4 – 6 hrs; Parent: 2 – 3.5 hrs

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