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The CLEPhường American Literature exam allows students who attain an adequate score to lớn gain college credit without having khổng lồ take a class. The exam contains 100 questions with a time limit of 90 minutes và an optional essay portion which includes writing two essays in 90 minutes.

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The first essay involves writing about a common literary theme, while the second asks you khổng lồ respond to an analysis of poetry. The 100 questions will test your knowledge of particular literary works (45%-60% of the test), your ability to lớn underst& and interpret short poems và prose (25%-40%), your knowledge of the historical & social setting of specific works (10%-15%), & your familiarity with critical terms & literary devices (5%-10%).

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The vast amount of information you are required lớn know và apply for this test can be intimidating. We at have sầu developed a miễn phí practice demo specifically for the CLEP. American Literature exam with intentions to be an asphối for students lượt thích you who want lớn succeed on thử nghiệm day.

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