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Get complete lesson plans, schedule & teaching notes for the entire year. American Literature Package includes the Level 430 American Literature Parent Guide & accompanying American Literature Student Guide. Package also includes all of the American Literature books for high school scheduled in these guides.

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Overview of the Literature

Instructor"s Guides

Literature 430 takes learners on a yearlong adventure of independent study. The Literature và Language Arts Student Guide provides daily reading & writing assignments, along with additional notes and questions that reinforce and challenge your student. The accompanying Parent Guide keeps you in touch & on track, so you can come alongside at any point in your student"s learning.

American Literature

Once children have achieved basic literacy, they can read for information. That is much of what we read each day: news reports, how-lớn books, cookbooks. I never go to my cookbook cupboard khổng lồ figure out the deeper meaning life.

True literature, though, requires more effort, more thought. A novel has the basic, surface-màn chơi plot. But what is it saying beyond that?

Mortimer Adler wrote How to Read a Book khổng lồ help readers read better – lớn read và underst& more than the basic plot. It isn"t a fun book lớn read, the way a fast-paced novel is, but it is informative sầu, & possibly life-changing.

This book serves as the general framework for"s 430 American Literature course. Rather than choosing a book from each of the major periods ("Pre-Colonial," "Transcendentalism," etc.), và working in chronological order, instead, this course uses my favorite books by American authors và allows Adler"s instruction lớn help read these outstanding works with more understanding & enjoyment.

So, for example, after the schedule assigns Adler"s chapter on "How khổng lồ Read History," the students get lớn enjoy two-time Pulitzer winner David McCullough"s short profiles of fascinating historical characters. (They"re incredible.)

After the schedule assigns "How to lớn Read Practical Books," the students look at the classic guide on writing, The Elements of Style, beautifully co-written by E.B. White (author of Charlotte"s Web).

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After Adler offers suggestions about reading Tragedy, the students read one of the greademo plays of the 20th Century, Death of a Salesman (it won both a Tony và a Pulitzer the year it came out).

How to read autobiographies? Practice on Booker T. Washington"s Up from Slavery and the breathtaking missionary biography Evidence Not Seen.

How to read imaginative literature? Practice on Their Eyes Were Watching God, one of the most cheerful portrayals of happily married people in all of literature.

How khổng lồ read short stories? Practice on five stunning shorts by Wendell Berry.

And, at the end of the year, after Adler talks about "How khổng lồ Read Social Science," the students read Malcolm Gladwell"s encouragement that, yes, success takes a lot of time … but if you love what you"re doing, it"s worth it. Go change the world!

As always, I seek lớn have a good mix of genres. One category is The Great American Novel, a book that accurately shows the culture of the United States at a specific time. Incredibly, this course has four: The Scarlet Letter, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, A Separate Peace, & The Grapes of Wrath. These take place in, respectively, Colonial New England, the antebellum Midwest, an Eastern prep school, và the Great Depression South, moving to lớn California. What a range of times and places!

This course has other genres, too: novels, detective stories, drama, lyric poems, short stories, history, tragedy, essays, science fiction, & autobiographies.

And I seek to balance the year as a whole, so that tragedies are balanced with more cheerful works; so that books that take a month khổng lồ finish are followed by books that take a week or two; so that students read books by men and women, by more than White authors. This course is balanced in all those ways.

But mostly, I want your students khổng lồ view each book as a delight và a gift, as I bởi vì.

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Language Arts

For Language Arts, this course includes, as always, literary analysis. Also short daily writing assignments working through William Zinsser"s On Writing Well.

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