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I Am Every Good ThingWritten by Derriông chồng BarnesIllustrated by Gordon C. James(Nancy Paulsen Books)


When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson & Omar Mohamed (Dial Books for Young Readers)

Omar và his younger brother demonstrate strength, fortitude, and resilience while living in a refugee camp, waiting for freedom & the opportunity to lớn live sầu life lớn the fullest.

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We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom; illustrated by Michaela Goade (Roaring Brook Press)

We are all connected; water is life.


L& of the Cranes by Aidomain authority Salazar (Scholastic Press)

Our wings are clipped, but our words & hearts can still soar.


A High Five for Glenn Burke by Phil Bildner (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

A powerful story about the challenge of being true to yourself, especially when not everyone feels you belong on the field.



Quintessence by Jess Redman (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)

An unforgettable quest in which a young girl, along with her companions, journeys to the stars & baông xã, finding friendship, magic, and her place in the world.

Hike by Pete Oswald (Candlewick Press)

Warm memories are created when father và child go on a hike and witness the marvels of nature.

Efrén Divided by Ernesto Cisneros (HarperCollins)

A timely, vivid, & urgent story that reminds us that immigration has a human face.

The Arabic Quilt: An Immigrant Story by Aya Khalil; illustrated by Anait Semirdzhyan (Tilbury House Publishers)

When an immigrant girl shares with her class the quilt made by her Egyptian grandmother, it inspires acceptance & celebration of differences.

Braver: A Wombat’s Tale by Suzanne Selfors và Walker Ranson (Imprint)

An unusual young wombat’s quest to lớn rescue her parents inspires adventure, friendship, empathy, & civic responsibility.

The Blackbird Girls by Anne Blankman (Viking)

Overcoming the Chernobyl disaster, religious bigotry, & government policy, two girls create an enduring bond.

When You Trap a Tiger by Tae Keller (Random House)

Transcendent blkết thúc of realism and folklore highlighting actions taken for loved ones.

Alice’s Farm: A Rabbit’s Tale by Maryrose Wood (Feiwel & Friends)

A richly woven, interspecies adventure of love, cooperation, & home page.

Ways to lớn Make Sunshine by Renée Watson (Bloomsbury Children’s Books)

With love & family, you can always create sunshine during the storm.

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Award Details

Nomination Deadline: October 15

Members of the Charlotte Huck Award Committee select the award recipient and up to lớn five sầu honor books annually. Although only one title is singled out for the award each year, up khổng lồ five sầu honor books are also recognized. Eight additional recommended books can be named.

Learn more about the Committee và apply to be a member.

Award Eligibility

Books must have been published and/or distributed in the United States during the calendar year. Nominations of individual books may come from publishers, the khudothi-kingbay.com membership, & the educational community at large. The books can be picture books, novels, graphic novels—any type of fiction—& they should have sầu exemplary literary quality of text và illustrations. In addition, the books should connect children to lớn their own humanity and offer them a rich experience with the power to lớn influence their lives & stretch their thinking, feelings, và imagination.

Award Criteria

The award shall be given khổng lồ fiction for children that has the potential lớn transkhung children’s lives.

• Fiction that invites compassion, imagination, and wonder.• Fiction that connects children khổng lồ their own humanity and offers them a rich experience with the power to lớn influence their lives.• Fiction that stretches children’s thinking, feelings, và imagination.• Fiction that exhibits literary chất lượng of text và illustrations.• Fiction that is published in the United States during the previous calendar year.• Fiction for whom the primary audience for the book is children, preschool to lớn age 12.

Award Presentation

The award is presented annually by the chair of the Charlotte Huchồng Award Committee at the Children’s Book Awards Luncheon during the khudothi-kingbay.com Annual Convention.

The award-winning author and/or illustrator receives a plaque and is the featured speaker at the luncheon.

The honor book authors and/or illustrators are recognized, receive a certificate, và are invited khổng lồ present at a session following the luncheon.

Submission Information

Nominations must be submitted to the Award Committee by October 15. We request early submission when possible khổng lồ give sầu the committee enough time lớn đánh giá all submissions. One copy of each book nominated should be sent to the committee members for examination. Digital copies are welcome and can be emailed directly to lớn the committee members. Advance copies or galley proofs are acceptable and encouraged, especially for books published after October 15. Hard copies are still requested in addition lớn the digital versions so that the committee can fully evaluate each work.

Liên hệ bookawards
khudothi-kingbay.com with the title(s) & author(s) of the books you are nominating. We will give sầu you the award committee contact information to lớn skết thúc the books to lớn the members directly. No other forms are required. khudothi-kingbay.com members should use the submission form on the Children’s Book Award homepage.

Award Seals

Charlotte Huông xã Award seals are available to accompany winning books and their future printings. The seals serve lớn endorse the excellence of the books and distinguish them from aý muốn the thousands of books published each year. Digital seals are complimentary, physical sticker seals can be requested or purchased by contacting khudothi-kingbay.com. They are available in gold for winning books, silver for honor books, and bronze for recommended books.

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To place an order, please contact Sarah Miller, smiller

Award Winner Book Lists

Charlotte Huông chồng Award Winners 2015-Present

20trăng tròn khudothi-kingbay.com Charlotte Huông chồng Awards

20đôi mươi Winner


Room on Our RockWritten by Kate và Jol TempleIllustrated by Terri Rose Baynton(Kane Miller)

Honor Books

When Aidan Became a Brother by Kyle Lukoff; illustrated by Kaylani Juanita (Lee & Low Books)

Between Us & Abuela: A Family Story from the Border by Mitali Perkins; illustrated by Sara Palacgame ios (Farrar, Straus và Giroux)

New Kid by Jerry Craft (HarperCollins)

I Can Make This Promise by Christine Day (HarperCollins)

Other Words for Home by Jazmine Warga (Balzer & Bray)

Recommended Books

For Blaông xã Girls Like Me by Mariama J. Lockington (Farrar, Straus và Giroux)

The Moon Within by Aida Salazar (Arthur A. Levine Books)

Planet Earth Is Blue by Nicole Panteleakos (Wendy Lamb Books)

The Proudest Blue: A Story of Hijab and Family by Ibtihaj Muhammad; illustrated by Hatem Aly with S. K. Ali (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)

Roll with It by Jamie Sumner (Atheneum)

Fry Bread: A Native sầu American Family Story by Kevin Noble Maillard; illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal (Roaring Book Press)

Lubna & Pebble by Wendy Meddour; illustrated by Daniel Egnéus (Dial Books)

Tristung Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky by Kwame Mbalia (Rick Riordan Presents/Disney-Hyperion)

Many of the Charlotte Huchồng Winner, Honor, & Recommended books are available in one place on Bookshop.com at khudothi-kingbay.com’s shop. (khudothi-kingbay.com & local bookstores receive a commission for purchases made through this links.)

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