20 stunning editions of classic books you"ll want to add to your library

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Books are the gift that keep on giving.

Not only are the stories within them capable of transporting you lớn far off lands and through thrilling tales, but they are prized for their beauty as well.

Yes, we know you aren"t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but come on, book covers matter. It"s the reason why publishers constantly push out new editions of old books. If repackaged properly, an old book can become just as popular as a new one.

Moreover, book covers are actually, literally judged. There are competitions and awards for book cover kiến thiết. So don"t feel bad if you find yourself trading in an older copy of a classic novel for a newer, sleeker edition. We guarantee that you"re not the only one doing it và we"re here to lớn help.

We"ve sầu compiled some of the most stunning editions of classic novels you should think about adding to your bookshelf, because they are simply too beautiful not khổng lồ buy. Some of them are from very limited runs & may be tough to lớn find, but knowing they exist is the first step.

Welcome lớn your beautiful future library.

1. Dune by Frank Herbert

This edition of Dune is part of Penguin Random House"s Penguin Galaxy collection, a celebration of some of the best sci-fi novels of our time. Other titles in the series include 2001: A Space Odyssey và Stranger in a Strange Land.

Price: $18

2. House-themed Harry Potter set

If you are unaware, Juniper Books specializes in taking some of your favorite books & wrapping them in exquisite book jackets, especially books sets. The above Harry Potter sets are just some examples of their work. As you can see, all Hogwarts Houses are represented so that you can make sure to get the mix that fits your needs. But be warned that they are not cheap.

Price: $70

3. Pride và Prejudice by Jane Austen

The editions of Pride and Prejudice that exist in the world are countless, but this one is the only one that matters. The book is part of the Faux Leather Edition series done by Penguin and includes many other classic novels as well.

Price: $31.46

4. The Beautiful & the Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

If you"re going to lớn read a book about the Jazz Age, you might as well make sure the book looks lượt thích the Jazz Age. Penguin released a line of hardcover F. Scott Fitzgerald books all draped with beautiful gold foil designs that veritably scream of the Roaring "20s.

Price: $16.68

5. The Illiad và The Odyssey by Homer

Perfectly capturing the tumult that is in both of Homer"s classic tales, this Barnes & Noble Collectible Edition of both epic poems together make the stories look as cool as they deserve to be. The only downside of this version is how thichồng it is. While it looks good on the shelf, it may be impractical to lớn actually read.

Price: $32.57+

6. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

This small và stately copy of one of Jane Austen"s classics was designed by Mr. Boddington Studio"s. Unfortunately, this particular copy of the book is no longer being produced so if you must have sầu this edition, you"ll need to lớn be willing khổng lồ pay a hefty price khổng lồ a reseller.

Price: $285.86+ from Amazon

7. 1984 by George Orwell


You probably already have a copy of 1984, either from school or from buying it after the ascendency of our new president. But if you are still missing this Orwell classic in your life, why not get an edition that embodies the full-on creepiness of the story itself?

Price: $56.95

8. A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

James Joyce isn"t everything"s favorite author, but a cover this beautiful will have no trouble at all ingratiating itself right onto your shelves. Added bonus: This book is also known as one of Joyce"s most approachable novels, so you should actually try reading it instead of just looking at it.

Price: $11.19

9. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad"s classic tale gets revived in this fully illustrated version of Heart of Darkness from Tin House. Now you not only can read about the horror, but you can see it too.

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Price: $17.39

10. Twenty Thous& Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

Just one of many gorgeous Penguin Clothbound Classics, this robust tale of adventure gets a more modern makeover with a đáng yêu pattern of elegant jellyfish. These will be hitting bookshelves in July, but can be pre-ordered online now.

Price: $18.82

11. The Lord of the Rings trilogy

It feels lượt thích every publisher has its own version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy và this makes it difficult for those of us trying lớn find the absolutely best edition of the series, one that appropriately invokes the fantasy of the story while also looking beautiful on the shelf. Look no further than this Juniper Books phối. Together, the spines of the three books come together khổng lồ make the fabled Doors of Durin. Speak frikết thúc, and buy this mix right away.

Price: $95

12. Sherlochồng Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

White"s Books released an impeccably designed phối of classic novels in 2010 that included this edition of Sherlochồng Holmes. The books were instantly popular aước ao book lovers and were snatched up relatively quickly. Now that these books have sầu stopped being produced, securing yourself a copy can be quite difficult and the price you"ll need khổng lồ pay varies depending on the third-tiệc ngọt seller.

Price: $9.89+ on Amazon

13. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Penguin Drop Caps, a series of 26 books that highlight one great author per letter in the alphabet, may be the most Instagrammable books ever created. The cover of each simply features the first letter of the author"s last name, but each uniquely designed khổng lồ fit the tone và context of the book. With a stately B for Bronte going up in flames, this book is the right way to lớn read Jane Eyre.

Price: $13.70

14. American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Just in time for the TV adaption on Starz, this collector"s edition of Neil Gaiman"s popular novel puts all other editions of American Gods to lớn shame. Illustrator David McKean created 12 incredible illustrations to lớn accompany this version of the book, including three double-page spreads.

Price: $120

15. The Arabian Nights: Tales of 1,001 Nights boxed set


Here"s another stunning boxed mix that can only be purchased through third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ sellers, because nice-looking books are apparently in high demvà. This clean & sophisticated book phối for Arabian Nights is designed by the same person who does Penguin"s Clothbound Classics series & the Fitzgerald series above sầu.

Price: $499.75+ on Amazon

16. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Colorful, whimsical, & đáng yêu, this edition of Anne of Green Gables would be right at trang chủ on both child và adult bookshelves. This book is part of the Puffin in Bloom series, a collection of four tales for children all designed with a similar theme of bright flowers và flowing typography.

Price: $14.54

17. The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe


Embrace the darkness with this edition of Edgar Allan Poe"s famous poem, The Raven. Not only does it have sầu a compelling cover, but the book is part of the Penguin Horror series which was curated by filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. If he approved this edition, it"s probably fit lớn go on your bookshelf.

Price: $17.02

18. The Count of Monte Cristo lớn by Alexandre Dumas

As another perfect entry in the Penguin"s Clothbound Classics series, this cover of The Count of Monte Cristo hints at the intrigue and drama this story is all about.

Price: $25.37

19. Alice"s Adventures in Wonderlvà và Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll


You could probably dedicate an entire bookshelf khổng lồ different editions of Alice"s Adventures in Wonderland & you still wouldn"t have enough room to fit them all. But it"s hard not to want to collect them all because so many of them look so good, like this edition from Barnes & Noble"s Collectible Edition Series.

Price: $21.48

đôi mươi. Moby Dichồng by Herman Melville

Moby Diông xã is long. To attempt lớn read it is basically the literary version of hunting down Captain Ahab"s infamous White whale. But the challenge of reading it seems less daunting if you are tackling the feat with this edition of the classic.

Price: $9.68+ on Amazon


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