The columbia anthology of modern chinese literature edited by joseph s

Edition2nd ed. ImprintThành Phố New York : Columbia University Press, c2007. Descriptionxliv, 737 p. ; 24 centimet. LanguageEnglish Series Modern Asian literature Subject Chinese literature -- 20th century -- Translations inlớn English. Chinese literature. Essays. Fiction. Poetry. Short stories. Translations. FormatPrint, Book URL for this record Other authors / contributorsISBNNotes
Lau, Joseph S.M., 1934- Goldblatt, Howard, 1939-
0231138407 (cloth : alk. paper) 0231138415 (pbk.

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: alk. paper) 0231511000 (e-book)
Includes bibliographical references.


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Table of Contents: Preface to the Second Edition Acknowledgments Introduction Biographical Sketches Part 1. Fiction, 1918-1949 Preface to lớn the First Collection of Short Stories, Call khổng lồ Aims A Madman's Diary Kong Yiji A Posthumous Son Sinking Spring Silkworms An Old and Established Name Xiaoxiao The Night of Midautumn Festival The Steelyard Dog One Evening in the Rainy Season Midautumn Festival When I Was in Xia Village Young Master Gets His Tonic Hands Sealed Off The Doctor's Mother Part 2. Fiction, 1949-1976 A Visit lớn His Excellency: A Five-Minute Movie My Kid Brother Kangxiong Winter Nights The Fish An Oxcart for a Dowry Yan'an Seeds Curvaceous Dolls Part 3. Fiction Since 1976 Wrong Number A Tail Small-Hands Chen Tales of New Cacố Disputatiasis The Upholder of Unity Little Little Little Little Little... Right khổng lồ the Heart of the Matter The Tunnel A Woman Like Me Tales of Taipei A Lover's Ear Empty Seat Cat Not Seen Electing a Thief Hut on the Mountain The Accident The Leader's Demise A Story Dogshit Food Iron Child Fin de Siecle Splendor Lucky Worries About His Country Redeeming a Painting Octday On the Road at Eighteen Escape Letters from Montmarte Granny Fish! Born at the wrong time Part 4. Poetry, 1918-1949 Second Farewell lớn Cambridge Love's Inspiration Chance Dead Water One Sentence Prayer Woman Abandoned Never lớn Return Sonnet 2 Sonnet 4 Sonnet 27 Rainy Alley Written on a Prison Wall With My Injured Hvà A Buddhist Monk A Round Treasure-Box Feverish Night Snow Falls on China's Lvà The North Prophecy Thinking of a Friover at Year's End Autumn A Glance The Lotus Flower Part 5. Poetry, 1949-1976 Spring Dancing A Wolf Self Song of Wisdom Kingdom of Solitude Under the Bodhi Tree If There's a War Raging Afar Nostalgia The White Jade Bitter Gourd A Group of Urban Youths Is on Its Way Beyond the Fog City: Saigon, 1967 Following the Sound of Rain inkhổng lồ the Mountains: No Rain Salternative text Paris The Colonel Pagoda Grenz-Taverne Clear & Bright: In the Grave sầu Moth Vagabond The River's Fancy The Pursuit The Story of the Stone Debate on Rugged Mountain Song of Gray Hair After the Snow Geometry: River Goddess The Deluded Dream Fire on the Sea Floor Our Will lớn Settle Here Will Never Fail Part 6. Poetry Since 1976 Autumn Meditation Earl Grey A Night Prayer When You Are Naked, You Have Everything Six Ways of Eating Watermelons Declaration Resume Another Legkết thúc When You Walk Past My Window A Roadside Encounter Assembly Line The Cry of a Generation When We Finally Turn Fifty Surgery Ward The Cat Who Walks Through the Wall To a Nine-Year-Old Girl Killed in the Massacre The Dead in Exile An Ending Curriculum Vitae Madwoman This life cage Containment The Ripest Rankest Juiciest Summer Ever Continuing Our Discussion of Boredom and Ennui L'Empire a la Fin de la Decadence Obdurate Hooves of memories Lobsters Spring 2001, Unreachable Civilization Part 7. Essays, 1918-1949 Excerpts from Wild Grass Epigraph Autumn Night Hope The Evolution of the Male Sex In Praise of Mutes The Aging of Ghosts Reading on the Toilet My Turn at Quitting Smoking The Monks of Hangzhou Prose Selections Haste Spring The Silhouette of His Baông chồng The Moonlit Lotus Pond Bombs in Yishan Sickness Haircuts Part 8. Essays, 1949-1976 On Time Snow Thus Friends Absent Speak Nineteen Seventy-two Part 9. Essays Since 1976 Remembering Xiao Shan Living Hell (from her memoirs) A Bizarre Kind of Robbery Salute A Father và Son's Boat for the Blaông chồng Current Permissions

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