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Additional không tính tiền DA-approved literature may be found on the “Downloadable Literature” webpage of; and e-books of A Currency of HopeThe Twelve Steps, Twelve sầu Traditions và Twelve sầu Concepts of Debtors Anonymous, and several Spanish-language pamphlets may be purchased at

Please let us know if you’d lượt thích a không tính tiền chip courtesy of SoCal DA.

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Cheông xã the Literature you lượt thích to order. Our Literature person will get baông xã khổng lồ you with the quantities & shipping cost. Questions? Hotline Annie 563-299-4187A Currency of Hope $11.00Monthly Recordkeeper $1.00Newcomer Information Pamphlet $0.20Notes to Newcomers $0.20Pressure Relief Meeting Booklet $2.00Sponsor Booklet (yellow) $4.00The Numbers: One Approach (booklet) $2.50The 12 Steps of Debtors Anonymous $7.00The 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, & 12 Concepts of Debtors Anonymous Hardcover $18.00The 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, và 12 Concepts of Debtors Anonymous Softcover $14.00Numbers Booklet (green) $2
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Click this link for: mail in order form

Cliông chồng this link for: CPU Order Form

SEND ORDERS TO: Southern California Debtors AnonymousPO Box 4596Culver City, CA 90231Current SCDA Publications Include:Monthly RecordKeeper
Newcomer Information Pamphlet
Numbers booklet (green)
Pressure Relief Meeting booklet (blue)
Sponsor Booklet (yellow)
Checks và BalancesNotes khổng lồ Newcomers (not shown)
Resource List (for speakers, sponsors, PRGs, outreach calls)Current GSO Publications We Sell Include:12 Steps of Debtors Anonymous12 Steps, 12 Traditions, và 12 Concepts of Debtors Anonymous(hard/soft cover)Currency of Hope
Just For Today bookmarks
The Numbers: One Approach
Recovery Chips

SCDA publications are only available through SCDA; the GSO does not carry them, as they have not been approved by the fellowship literature committee.

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SCDA sells their literature AND SOME GSO LITERATURE, the 3rd Saturday of each month (except for Dec, it is sold the second Saturday) during the Intergroup meeting from 11 am-12:30 pm or you can order by mail. (Oct 2017 will be sold the 1st Saturday of the month)

Keep in mind, mail orders are filled once a month during the Intergroup meeting và mailed out the Monday following that meeting.

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When you purchase literature, either from GSO or SCDA, you are helping to lớn tư vấn DA locally và nationally.

You may also contact: Debtors Anonymous General Service Office Phường.O. Box 920888 Needđam mê, MA 02492 (781) 453-2743 (800) 421-2383 – US Only

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