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A Career Perspective

The Doctor of Literature is awarded as a retìm kiếm degree which recognizes both a Candidates previously published work và new research in the field of commerce, administration và social science. The Doctor of Literature degree is typically considered equivalent in standing to that of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The Doctor of Literature is based on the merit of the work presented by the Candidate of a toàn thân of significant previously published & new work arranged as a coherent toàn thân of study. Research work considered appropriate at Monarch would focus upon the important aspects of social justice, equity, sustainability and sustainability as a lens for further inquiry khổng lồ the chosen research domain.

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The award of the D. Litt. degree is based on the submission of a manuscript that combines the previously published work into lớn a unified whole that demonstrates a clear contribution to the field.

Previous Published Work

Different than the PhD that is based solely on new retìm kiếm the D.Litt. program allows the candidate to lớn submit previously published work. The previously published work must be combined into lớn a coherent manuscript along with any new retìm kiếm and defended in front of the dissertation committee.


The Doctor of Literature program may be submitted in any area of management studies, economics or political economy or social science as long as it has relevance to lớn management or administration scholarship.


Monarch Business School is the first distance-learning business school khổng lồ achieve sầu triple accreditation by the International Standards Association (9001, 14001, 18001). Monarch Business School is a member of EFMD-The Premiere European Accreditaiton Agency, ACBSP-the Association For Collegiate Business Schools & Programs, CEEMAN-The Central and Eastern European Management Association và ACUNS-The Academic Council of the United Nations System. See our accreditation page.

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The Doctor of Literature program enables the researcher or practitioner to lớn truly shine. They are able to bring their years of experience và knowledge khổng lồ bear on their field & demonstrate lớn both the professional và academic fields the significant contribution of their work.

Dr. Jeffrey Henderson – Supervisor of Higher Degree Candidates

Standard Duration = 2 YearsCandidates may extend the program up to 5 years, extension fees apply at the same rate.
The program is completed online using the Monarch Learning Management System. During the program the Candidate should attkết thúc at least one worksiêu thị on sight at the school in order khổng lồ design the retìm kiếm. The dissertation/manuscript must be defended at the school at the end of the program.

Program Open To

Graduates from accredited Bachelor & Master programs with +5 Years Management Experience;Candidates with a Professional designation & +5 years managerial experience may be admitted to the program on the discretion of the Dean.

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Tuition is levied on a quarterly basis in advance. All candidates may terminate a program upon 3 months written notice to the administration.

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