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 It is what you read when you don’t have sầu tothat determines what you will bewhen you can’t help it.

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Osoto Wilde 

Excellence in Literature: The Website —Study Resources for Literature và Writing

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If you are using the curriculum, start at the Study Guide Links page.Looking for information about a specific author or text? Start in the search box at top right or bottom of the page.Want lớn buy the study guides? Start at Everyday Education.


This Excellence in Literature trang chính site is home page khổng lồ a large collection of resources for the study of literature & writing. It began with many of the resources referenced in the Excellence in Literature study guides, but has grown far beyond that. We host an ever-growing library of author biographies, poetry, music, and art, as well as articles by professors, scholars, và other experts.

We have been fortunate enough to receive permission to lớn preserve sầu excellent literature & writing resources that would have sầu otherwise disappeared with the author’s retirement or passing, and we continue lớn seek opportunities lớn vì so.

Study Guides

The Excellence in Literature guides are self-directed, college prep study guides designed khổng lồ teach classic literature in a way that is both challenging and enjoyable — now in an expanded, updated fourth edition!


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The Blue Ribbon Award from The Old Schoolhouse đánh giá Crew was the first of many awards Excellence in Literature has received over the past few years.

The Excellence in Literature study guides by Janice Campbell help students study classic literature with the help of context resources such as art, music, poetry, author biographies, critical essays, and more.

Each full-length classic studied in the curriculum is framed by glimpses inlớn the history, art, music, and other works relevant lớn the author and the text. Students learn lớn write at an advanced level through carefully-crafted, week-by-week assignments. You can learn a bit more about the philosophy behind the curriculum (and why there are no comprehension questions) at Excellence in Literature or at About Excellence in Literature on this EIL home siteThere is also a short đoạn phim walkthrough of the curriculum on the About page. It’s just a quiông chồng iPhone video, but you may find it helpful.

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Some of the articles below are at Everyday Education (the bookstore) or the Doing What Matters blog (Janice’s blog), but they are phối to lớn open in a new tab so you don’t chiến bại your place here on the EIL home page.

Resource link stay up to date at the Study Guide Link  pages.


Direct links to lớn detailed descriptions

You will find each guide,including The Complete Curriculum — all five sầu years in a big binder, in print and/or ebook format at Everyday Education.


The Everyday Education bookstore site offers the exclusive sầu Print Plus ebook add-on option.

Print Plus eBook learning advantages:

Printed guide is best for frequently referenced instructional articles & modelseBook add-on can be one more than one device for use by others in the familyeBook add-on allows students to lớn clichồng context resources link on most computers, rather than type in URLs (any links updates will be listed on this site in the Curriculum User Content)Extra copies of reproducible forms can be easily printed from the add-on

Search tips for resources

Curriculum users: Links from the study guides are organized by study guide cấp độ (Introduction to lớn Lit, British Lit, etc.), và regularly updated at this Excellence in Literature home site. You can reach them from the Study Guide Links page.

Specific authors or works: If you are looking for resources about a particular author or literary work, just type a few keyword into the tìm kiếm box, and you should find the resources we host here.

Writing help: If you are looking for help with annotating books, writing techniques, or other how-to lớn information, look under the Writer’s Handbook category, or just use the tìm kiếm box lớn find what you need.

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You may purchase the Excellence in Literature study guides at the author’s company, Everyday Education. We offer the exclusive sầu ebook add-on option.

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