Top 10 greatest couples in literature

Rethành viên in school when your teacher told you about the buddy system? Mostly used on field trips & nature walks, you had khổng lồ have sầu your frikết thúc with you at all times lớn make sure no one got lost, left behind, or forgotten.

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The same holds true in children’s stories. Children’s literature contains some of the most memorable duos — sometimes friends, sometimes enemies, but always inseparable in our minds & our hearts.

The Adversaries

Dorothy và The Wicked Witch of the West (Warner Bros.), Peter Pan & Captain Hook (Walt Disney), Lord Voldemort & Harry Potter (Warner Bros.)

Even though I’m inclined to lớn think of great pairs as being on the same side, some of the most dynamic duos are actually bitter rivals. From times long ago to lớn the present, these enemies give sầu books their dramatic conflict and breathtaking stand-offs. Who tops my menu as the most iconic opponents? Those truly iconic foes like Sherloông xã Holmes & Dr. Moriarty, Dorothy và The Wicked Witch of the West, Peter Pan và Captain Hook, và Lord Voldemort và Harry Potter, who stand as such opposite extremes that you know their rivalry will only kết thúc when one of them is dead.

That being said, I couldn’t leave out twosomes lượt thích Robin Hood & The Sheriff of Nottingđê mê, The Lorax & The Once-ler, Rabbit và Bear, & Agatha Trunchbull và Matildomain authority.

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The Best Friends

Calvin và Hobbes (illustration by Bill Watterson), Frog & Toad (illustration by Arnold Lobel), Charlie Brown và Snoopy (illustrated by Charles M. Schulz)

Where enemies battle, friends stvà fast through any challenge và remind readers of the enduring value of loyalty, honesty, and respect. I love sầu the friends who play off of each other’s faults và foibles, so I’m partial to Calvin & Hobbes whose banter made the comics a go-to read on Sundays, Frog và Toad, who quarreled và grumbled but couldn’t vị without each other, & Harry Potter & Ron Weasley who managed khổng lồ irritate & save each other. My other favorite besties include the devoted and sweet like Charlie Brown & Snoopy, Mike Mulligan và Mary Anne, Winnie-the-Pooh và Christopher Robin, và Boy và Bot.

Brothers & Sisters

Tweedle Dee và Tweedle Dum (Walternative text Disney), Hansel & Gretel (illustration by James Marshall), Jaông chồng & Jill (illustration by Betimãng cầu Ogden)

You can’t live sầu with ‘em, you can’t live without ‘em. Siblings are the heart of families and great stories. I love Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum for their comic relief, Hansel và Gretel for their resilience & pluông chồng, và Jack và Jill for doing chores & ending up the worse for it.

Heroes and Sidekicks

Sam & Frobởi (New Line Cinema), Sherloông chồng Holmes và Dr. Watson (Baronet Books/Great Illustrated Classics), Batman và Robin (DC Comics)

Where would great adventures be without the nhân vật and his or her sidekick? The comic foil, the earnest aide, the treasured companion, sidekicks give our heroes humanity and compassion và never steer them wrong. The Hobbit’s Frodo và Sam personify the devotion required khổng lồ enter the pantheon of duos as they battle an evil intent on destroying everything they love, but less dramatic pairs show us the importance of having a trusted ally. Sherloông xã Holmes makes his second appearance on the các mục along with Dr. Watson, personifying the intellectual aspect of great duos, while Batman & Robin bring the brawn, proving that a great sidekichồng can be many things, as long as he or she is always prepared for the next great adventure.

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It Must Be Love

Sam & the Unnamed Guy (Dr. Seuss), Jaông xã Spratt & his wife (illustration by Blanbịt Fisher Wright), Curious George và The Man With the Yellow Hat (illustration by Hans Rey)

Then there are the pairs that defy description. They don’t fit neatly inkhổng lồ a particular category, but you can’t imagine one without the other. There’s no obvious explanation for the unique marriage of Jachồng Spratt & his wife, or the unorthodox friendship of Flora & Ulysses, or the strange combination of Sam và the Unnamed Guy, who claims not lớn like eggs và đắm đuối, until, surprise, he does! And then there’s Curious George & The Man With the Yellow Hat. Who would have ever put them together? All I can say is, it must be love.

Now, we know you have favorites that didn’t make this các mục, so sound off in the comments and tell us who we forgot!

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