Gay vietnam: queer culture, local life, and what you should know!

This November has been a busy month for Ha Noi, particularly on the 11th, as prideful flags of LGBT rainbows soar in the autumnal wind, amidst the happy crowd of local youths và drag queens parading around the street of Hanoi for Hanoi Pride 2018.

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Regarded by some as huge progress for LGBT rights in the country, the sự kiện first took place in 2012 và has since been held annually, surprisingly with few animosities from hardline conservatives.


This sự kiện, huge as it might be, is only a part of a larger scene, where prominent NGOs such as ISEE push for acceptance & tolerance of LGBT in general, và gays in Vietphái nam in particular through myriad workshops, talk shows, và online events. Surprisingly, the local governments, which is famously conservative, does not seem to mind, even lending an active helping hand in some cases.

These latest events have shown that the country has gone through major changes from a homophobic society to a more tolerant one, allowing for a flourishing, albeit still somewhat underground, gay culture which has a fair share of chất lượng perks and traits.


Gay Vietnam: Queer Culture, Local Life, And What You Should Know! 🇻🇳

History Of Homosexuality In Gay Vietnam

Homosexuality is not a new thing in Vietnam giới. In fact, it is believed to lớn have sầu been around since as early as prehistoric tribal times of the country. Artifacts from the era suggested that Vietnamese at that time actively promoted sexual exploration and sexual intercourse, irrespective whether heterosexually or homosexually, lớn find the perfect harmony with nature, thereby promoting fertility and prosperity to lớn the local community.

This practice persisted on in local level even after the introduction of Buddhism and Confucianism into the country, which imposed gender roles lớn the ruling class.

The first documented case of homosexuality in Vietnam’s history appeared in a legal code called Hong Duc Thien Chinch Thu. The code mentions a case of two women living together & allegedly having sexual intercourse with one another. One woman was married và pregnant, the other unmarried. Things got a bit complicated when the unmarried one got pregnant, & the local court accused her of adultery.


However, on the ground that the husband’s seeds might have been transferred from the pregnant woman to the other during homosexual intercourse, the court ruled her innocent. It is interesting to lớn note that there was no conviction of homosexuality in the official record of the case, and it seems homosexuality was not considered a social crime at that time, as evidenced in other contemporaneous records.

There has even been a Vietnam king who was openly attracted to lớn men, namely King Khai Dinh. His clothing taste was rather feminine, & his son was believed lớn be adopted because he did not find sexual interest in any of his twelve sầu wives.

Then the French came along, và homosexuality was quickly branded a social vice. French colonists likened homosexual practices in Vietphái mạnh khổng lồ those in China, even went so far as khổng lồ state the former was inherited from the latter. Traditional Vietnamese stage female actors, who had all been male because females had been banned from taking part in the theater, were described in negative lights.


Ironically, during this period, many colonists took part in sexual intercourse with boys younger than 15 years of age whom they Call pédé, a derogatory term which comes from the French word pédéraste. Even until now, the term is still widely used in the country as an insult.

The 20th century saw massive sầu và complex changes to lớn the gay community in Vietnam giới. During the Vietphái mạnh War, homosexuality was condemned as a type of sexual deviation in the South, so gay couples had to lớn retreat lớn private underground bars in Saigon lớn enjoy their time together.

After the war, the new sociadanh mục government did not ban homosexuality, but its lachồng of support for these couples, as well as overwhelming support for family value, created a new issue for gay communities. Because there was no official legislation for them, local authorities found it difficult to lớn solve sầu homosexual-related cases, so homosexuals in Vietphái mạnh found themselves in a disadvantaged situation without legal protection or recognition.


Contemporary Gay Culture In Vietnam

Recent years have sầu seen massive sầu changes for the better in LGBT rights in Vietphái nam, helping to shape a chất lượng gay culture in the country. In năm ngoái, the National Assembly has approved a law to outlaw any future attempt khổng lồ ban homosexuality in Vietnam giới. While it is still a long way lớn go before homosexuality is legalized in the country, this is a memorable step from the government in its effort for gay rights progress.

The sự kiện is so important that international writers have made a bold statement claiming that LGBT progress in Vietnam giới is in a better state that in the USA. The country also sees annual pride events, as well as awareness workshops to lớn help reintegrate gay communities into lớn mainstream society.

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That said, gays in Vietnam giới are far from being accepted. The subject still remains a taboo in the country, so gays in Vietphái nam are still away from mainstream society. Gay couples prefer to hide their sexuality, especially from their parents and relatives, due lớn fear of being ostracized & isolated. For this reason, homosexual couples usually vì chưng not reveal themselves in public, and sights such as a kissing homosexual couple are rare occurrences.

Because of the dismissive sầu attitude of other communities in Vietnam giới society, homosexual individuals often gather in certain places to lớn seek understanding from others. The places they frequent vary greatly, from underground bars và pubs lớn even universities. Indeed, there are universities that are famous for being homosexual hotspots where they gays could feel less judged by others.

In spite of the isolation they face in the real world, gays online in Vietphái nam are much more open. People are generally more tolerant of homosexuals online, and there are plenty of Facebook pages which celebrate gay pride in the country, creating vibrant communities for gays in Vietphái nam.

It is also interesting to note that even in homosexual communities, effemination is not well-received. Homosexual people, especially male homosexual people, prefer a masculine image to lớn a feminine one, so the more feminine one in a couple usually has lớn suppress feminine actions và avoid appearing too feminine.

So Is It Safe To Be Gay In Vietnam?

This is quite a difficult question khổng lồ answer. On one h&, you will not be persecuted. The law has made it clear to ban any kind of homosexual persecution, so even if you openly declare your sexuality, no one will imprison you for it. On the other h&, you will only be tolerated, not accepted.

People will not hate you, but your appearance could bring discomfort to them. Besides, homosexual people have khổng lồ hide their true identity from the public. However, recent years have sầu seen many signs of progress, và people are now less hesitant lớn show their own sexuality on the street. So is it safe? For the most part, yes, but if you want lớn truly live sầu like who you want to live, then it might take some time.

Gay Hotspots In Vietnam

Rural areas are particularly unfriendly to gays in general, so gay hotspots in Vietnam giới include most big cities in the country such as Ho Chi Minch City, Hanoi, etc.

Ha Noi is the capital of the country, and even though it is a thành phố full of ancient traditions và mores, gay activities are pretty lively here in spite of being mostly underground. Homosexuals in the thành phố often meet up for a chat và for dates in discreet saunas, some of which include Spa Adam Hanoi on Lac Trung Street or Tichảy Saumãng cầu on Nghi Tam Street. Other than saunas, you can also meet up with a lot of gay individuals in gay-friendly hotels such as La Siesta on Nguyen Quang Bich Street và Apricot Hotel on Hang Trong Street.

Vibrant & modern, Ho Chi Minh City is the place lớn be if you want khổng lồ feel the beat of the country’s youth. People here are much more gay-friendly, so homosexual couples find it much easier to lớn express themselves. Homosexual individuals in the city often gather up in clomix bars và pubs in the thành phố, most notably the Thi Bar, Republic Bar, và Papa Café.

In other cities, the gay scene is quite discreet, & people prefer khổng lồ chat through online dating apps before they meet up in real life. Like in big cities, they usually meet up in saunas và underground bars.

Annual Gay Events In Vietnam

Since homosexuality is not yet officialized in Vietnam giới, annual events are quite rare sights. The most enduring gay events in the country are pride parades, which are still going on alive sầu & well in two central cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Conceived in Hanoi in 2012, the first pride parade in the country was groundbreaking, as it was the first time LGBTs in general and homosexuality in particular showed up with pride in public.

Since then, the event has become an annual sight, và cities like Ho Chi Minc City & Da Nang have started organizing their own versions of pride parades. Interestingly, the events have sầu outgrown from its humble beginning as parades, & have sầu now included chains of workshops, social gatherings, & charity events which span over months. The climax of these events is still pride parades, và they are attracting more và more people all across the country.

Other than pride events, NGOs such as ISEE, ICS, etc. often host one-time workshops to lớn raise awareness about LGBT communities. It is not guaranteed that these workshops are annual, but they are organized quite often.

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Things To Consider About Gays In Vietnam

If you are interested in the country’s gay scene in general, here are a few things to consider:

The locals are very sensitive sầu with touching, even if you are openly gay, so make sure khổng lồ ask before you touch someone.Except for a few openly gay people, most gays in Vietnam giới would prefer some degree of secrecy, so vì not expose their sexuality without asking them firstVietnamese love a good round of beer, so if you want to relax with your Vietnamese gay friends, head for a local gay barDon’t show too much affection for your gay boyfriend/girlfriend in public if they are not okay with it. They might be a clomix gay và these actions might expose them, putting them in some dilemmas

Vietnam giới is the rising star in South East Asia gay scene -joining the likes of Bangkok và Pattaya -, so there are a whole lot of things you can enjoy while staying here. Plunge in an adventurous trip with your new gay friends, and bởi let us know what you have found out about this rising gay location.

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