Wow! women on writing reviews icl: the institute of children"s literature

Flexible class hours, Good teachers, Helpful career services, Positive environment, Good career preparation, Hands-on training

Wonderful guidance và feedbaông xã from knowledgeable instructors that helped me lớn grow as a writer. I learned khổng lồ tighten my writing while improving voice và style. I was greatly encouraged khổng lồ submit my work & published two stories while taking the second course.

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Great communication with teachers when needed. Classroom work very informative sầu và easy lớn follow.The flexible schedule allowed me to lớn work and take care of my family.

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It was just a matter of studying & writing a story mailing it inkhổng lồ your teacher having it graded & the teacher sent it back & then onkhổng lồ the next story.

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great tutors, very accessible hands-on training, great Reviews, & interaction.Great turn around time with the assignments, plus invaluable feedbachồng from tutors
I learned to lớn increase my skills as a creative writer và develop characters for writing children's stories. The process was interesting & the hardest part of the training was creating a relationship between my story characters which I finally succeeded in doing. The most enjoyable part of the training was writing my first complete story.
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