Literature circles: getting started

When I first started literature circles with my second graders, I was a little hesitant that they could handle it. After doing it successfully in my fourth grade classroom, I figured that there had lớn be a way that second graders could benefit from these activities. After a few years of experimenting with different ways to lớn introduce và teach the students the different literature circle jobs, it became evident that students in second grade are capable, và wanting, to lớn participate in literature circles!

There are many different ways to lớn teach and run literature circles, & this is just the way that worked best in my classroom. There is no “right” way or “one” way lớn vị this, but here is how they worked successfully for me.

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By November of each year, I had a phối routine of meeting with my guided reading groups each week. I started introducing one literature circle job a week with each of my different-leveled groups. After reading a short text together in our guided reading group, we would complete a literature circle job together. This would allow me lớn Mã Sản Phẩm how lớn complete each job, supporting students as they worked right along with me. Doing it this way also saved me tons of time the rest of the year, not having lớn answer questions or clarify the “jobs” for students. This process took six weeks to lớn teach all of the six jobs (November-December), but by winter break, students knew all of the roles of participating in literature circles.

Along the way, I have sầu created a complete Literature Circle Paông chồng that includes differentiated job sheets, group rubrics, và more!


Here are the six different jobs và a brief description:

Discussion Director
Leads the group in stopping at certain points in the reading for the passage predictor to lớn do their job, asks questions, and starts off reading aloud.
Creative Connector
Makes text-to-text, text-to-self, & text-to-world connections based on the text read.

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In January, when students returned from break, I broke students inlớn different literature circle groups based on their reading level/abilities. I generally tried lớn have sầu a heterogeneous group of two higher-level students, two on-màn chơi students, & two below- màn chơi students. It never worked out to lớn be perfectly equal, but I was cthua kém enough to make each group successful.

Once students had their groups, we practiced their first literature circle group meeting using the weekly anthology story. This was the key khổng lồ getting literature circles off lớn the right start, because by using a text that students were confident with (since we had read it together as a class each Monday since the beginning of the year), they were able to successfully complete their literature circle jobs.

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Students also used these (free) Literature Circle Bookmarks khổng lồ help remind them of their job while reading.

Below is a sample schedule of what literature circles looked liked using the weekly anthology story:

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