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Literature Circle Role CardsThis mix consists of 5 different cards: -Imaginative Illustrator-Dynamite Discussion Director-Vocabulary Victor-Savvy Summarizer-Cool ConnectorEach member in the group will receive one thẻ to lớn complete during their discussion. They will complete their "job" on th
I have made this little mix of 6 role cards that can be used for Literature Circles, Book Cubs or Guided Reading. The job titles are:Word FinderQuestionerImage MakerSummariserPredictorvà Reader.All the cards come with job descriptions.Just print them out & laminate for durability.Hope yo
This is a mix of literature circle role cards. It contains 6 sets, 5 roles in each set. The roles are: Clever Connector, Super Story Teller, Super Story Illustrator, Discussion Director, & Wacky Word Wizard. Each thẻ contains a brief mô tả tìm kiếm of the Literature Circle role. I have used thes

Literature Circle Group Roles. Basic directions for literature circles, to lớn be reviewed prior khổng lồ started Lit. Circles.Roles Include:**Imaginative Illustrator**Dynamic Discussion Leader**Vocabulary Victor**Succinct Summarizer**Commanding Connector
I created this lớn use when hosting a Literature Circle. My students can easily trachồng down their role and the mô tả tìm kiếm. I would suggest coordinating the colors with their group, etc. This cống phẩm is handy khổng lồ have sầu posted in your small group area. Enjoy!
Liven up literature circles by adding a new role sheets! Allow your students khổng lồ become "detail detectives" and find information about the setting and characters in the informational or fictional text they are reading. For fun và engagement, provide them with a magnifying glass lớn use in their lit
**FREEBIE!**This packet is entirely based on the literature circle roles created by Harvey Daniels. An excellent way khổng lồ keep your students accountable và engaged throughout their literature circles. Includes thành viên roles for:1. The Connector2. The Word Wizard3. The Summarizer4. The Illustrat
UPDATED COVERIn celebration of 2,000 downloads, I made a more colorful & inviting cover. Do not worry, the content is the same. Building on student reading strategies in a small group setting, this is a great resource for students of all abilities.This packet includes 6 different roles for p
These cards are very general so that they can be used during any novel study! You can make an accompanying handout khổng lồ use with these cards if you want the students to lớn ask specific questions or infer about a certain paragraph in the book. I used these cards while reading the novel "Holes" và the stu
Here is the description:Here are four role cards to lớn be used during Literature Circle or Team Talk (if you use Success For All). There are four roles includes in this file: reader, restate the question, answer, và agree/disagree. Each thẻ has the title và a short description. The cards are for
This package comes with a description of the Literature Circle roles (for each group) and a ready made graphic organizer for the students lớn fill in. The Story Mapper may need a separate piece of paper or can use the baông xã, if their map is too big for the space allotted.
The whole goal of Lit Circles (made popular by Harvey Daniels) is lớn foster voice & choice for kids in reading and lớn allow them khổng lồ engage in student driven conversation & deep thinking about texts. One way khổng lồ foster this independence is khổng lồ give students specific jobs, Harvey called these role
This is a mix of forms for five literature circle roles: Discussion Director, Summarizer, Quote Finder, Connector, và Vocabulary Enricher. The Discussion Director form also contains a checkdanh sách for group meetings.

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When your students are working in literature circles or doing reciprocal teaching, it's helpful khổng lồ provide them with a reminder bookmark of the different roles. This bookmark is divided inlớn summarizer, clarifier, questioner, & predictor và gives sentence frames for each of the roles.This can
This sheet explains the role of each literature circle job & connects to lớn my other literature circle lessons.

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Literature Circle Roles Include:Discussion DirectorWord WizardCool ConnectorArtful ArtistPassage Performer
This Literature Circle Checkmenu is a great resource for students to lớn have sầu while completing literature circle roles. The checkmenu can be made inkhổng lồ a 2-sided bookmark for students to use while reading. The checklist guides students khổng lồ insure they are completing each of the roles with fidelity.Thi
I made these lớn try in my classroom after Spring Break năm 2016. I am hoping they will help my students have sầu more meaningful discussions about the books they are reading in groups. If these vày not work, I plan on adding, changing, or making new ones. If you have sầu any ideas on how to improve or roles you
Literature Circle Role ScriptsUsed alongside Literature Circle resources, these scripts can be used by each student to lớn help them cốt truyện và facilitate discussion in their role. These can be adapted lớn suit your group/class or use as is where the students simply fill in the blanks with their informat
Each role is clearly defined on these hand out sheets. They explain to lớn the student exactly what is expected of them. They serve as great reference when the students meet in their groups to lớn discuss the reading. They can then be turned in for evaluation.

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Display this in the classroom or give individual copies lớn your student so they can refer khổng lồ what the different literature circle roles bởi. When students participate in a literature circle & start a new role, they can refer baông xã khổng lồ this handout lớn discern what their responsibilities are for their
This phối of worksheets guide student reading response và help them prepare khổng lồ have unique conversations with their peers about their reading. A group of students reading the same book will all have different responsibilities including: Discussion Director, Word Wizard, Connector, Summarizer, Fact
Do you love using literature circles in your classes? I do! I've sầu created this document to help students as they adjust to understanding new roles and responsibilities. Need more resources for your Short Story unit? Cheông chồng out the products below!Elements of Fiction HandoutElements of Fiction Chart and
8 flexible roles that are wonderful to use khổng lồ hold each student accountable for their own learning. Based off the Fountas & Pinnell Continuum, I created tailored questions and worksheets that include sentence frames to guide students to be successfully independent. This packet is printable!Studen

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