Applying literature circle technique to group work activities to enhance cooperative learning in

Tác giảKathy G. Short
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Ngày phát hành30 Sep 2016
Loại bìaPaperback
Số trang270 pages
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In today’s globally connected world, it is essential for students to have sầu an understanding of multiple cultures and perspectives. In this edited collection, Kathy Short, Deanna Day, & Jean Schroeder bring together fourteen educators who use global children’s literature to help students explore their own cultural identities. The book lays out why this kind of global curriculum is important và how khổng lồ make space for it within district và state mandates. Built around a curriculum framework developed by Kathy, the ideas & strategies in Teaching Globally will help teachers integrate a global focus into lớn existing literacy và social studies curricula, evaluate global resources, guide students as they investigate cross-cultural issues, & create classroom activities with an intercultural perspective sầu. Teaching Globally is filled with vignettes from K-8 urban và rural schools that describe successes và struggles, as well as real examples of students responding to lớn global literature. Extensive lists of book recommendations, websites, and professional books, as well as an appendix of global text sets mentioned by the authors, complete this must-have resource.
Kathy G. Short, Deanmãng cầu Day và Jean Schroeder edit Teaching Globally: Reading the World Through Literature (9781571107923, $37.33) will reach teachers of grades K-8 with a discussion of how a global curriculum operates và why it’s important for students to know not only geographical facts about other cultures, but their perspectives and social environment. The tips on how to incorporate such a curriculum in an existing structure comes from an author who has developed và applied her own framework, và shows teachers how to blover an expanded global focus inlớn existing literacy & social studies programs. From concrete examples of approaches that helped open specific countries to lớn students to tables and charts that offer data supporting case histories & examples, Teaching Globally offers a powerful key khổng lồ fostering student understanding. The Bookwatch, Midwest Book Reviews Education Shelf November năm 2016 Teaching Globally: Reading the World Through Literature considers why global curriculum is important và shows how to include this curriculum within the wider framework of state teaching requirements; but it’s not a general discussion. tác giả Kathy G. Short developed a framework for such an plan, & Teaching Globally provides the strategies và integration techniques educators need to make this goal happen. Chapters pair vignettes from K-8 urban & rural schools with discussions of how to encourage students as they examine cross-cultural issues. They provide activities that support this venture, offer in-depth and specific checklists of websites và professional books, and consider different perspectives on providing cross-cultural information in diverse classroom settings. Packed with ideas for engagement, Teaching Globally is a reading guide that covers the nuts & bolts of applied cross-cultural teaching và should be a basic acquisition lớn any educator’s library. Donovan’s Bookshelf

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Kathy Short is a professor at the University of Arizomãng cầu with a focus on global children’s và adolescent literature, literature circles, and intercultural understanding. She has written extensively on literature and served on book award committees. She is director of Worlds of Words và past president of the National Council of Teachers of English. Deanmãng cầu Day weaves her passions-art, children’s literature, và technology-into lớn the literacy courses she teaches at Washington State University. She has served on the Notable Books for Global Society and the Notable Children’s Books for Language Arts award committees. She also Đánh Giá children’s literature for Language Arts và The Dragon Lode. Jean Schroeder taught & coached in elementary schools in Tucson Unified School District for more than forty years. She has served on và chaired the Notable Children’s Books in the Language Arts award committee. Jean is a founding board member và staff mentor/coach of the inquiry-based IDEA School in Tucson, Arizona.

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