What can you do with an english literature degree?

After graduating from college, the next step is lớn find a job based on the path you pursued in school. With an English literature degree, you have sầu a wide variety of jobs khổng lồ choose from post-graduation in all sectors of the job market. With this degree, you are likely an expert in highly sought-after skills like researching, reading texts, analyzing the written word và communicating effectively, và it is important to lớn learn about your career options so that you can find one that suits your skills best.

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In this article, we outline đôi mươi potential jobs for graduates who have sầu earned an English literature degree lớn help you explore your options.

After years of reading literature, analyzing texts for meaning & drawing conclusions in your own writing, you may wonder how you can best apply your knowledge in the workplace. While the work you vị after graduation might not look exactly the same as when you were studying, you will undoubtedly use the finely tuned skills you've sầu learned in your future role.

Throughout your English literature program, you likely became an expert in all things writing and rhetoric. Most English lit majors are also experienced when it comes to expressing their thoughts và communicating effectively. Reading analytically, thinking critically and communicating clearly are foundational proficiencies that can help you pursue jobs in a variety of fields, such as publishing, truyền thông và journalism, academia, law and marketing và public relations.

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đôi mươi English lit jobs lớn consider

Here are trăng tròn different jobs you could pursue after graduating with your English literature degree:

1. Journalist

National average salary: $35,414 per year

Primary duties: Journalists report on news, like national politics & local events, & play an important part in helping the public stay informed. These professionals research, investigate and gather information that they can use in their stories. In addition, journalists are responsible for holding interviews, maintaining important contacts & verifying statements & facts. Having a background in English literature can help you perform the key responsibilities, including writing and presenting stories in a cohesive sầu format.

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National average salary: $19.14 per hour

Primary duties: English teachers are professional educators who focus specifically on the English language & literature. Most commonly found in middle & high schools, English teachers have the opportunity to nói qua their passion for reading, writing & critical thinking with their students. These teachers are responsible for planning lessons, developing curriculum, instructing students, grading work, communicating with students và parents, providing tư vấn and interventions lớn students of all levels, advising & mentoring.

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National average salary: $19.26 per hour

Primary duties: Freelance writers produce copy for magazines, newspapers, broadcast news, journals & books. They have sầu the freedom to lớn jump from project khổng lồ project and can expect lớn serve as a creator in a variety of fields. This role is of particular interest for English literature majors who have plenty of practice writing captivating narratives & successful informational texts.

National average salary: $41,488 per year

Primary duties: Editorial assistants work in both an editorial and administrative role. They provide direct assistance to lớn editors of newspapers, magazines và other publications by taking calls, running errands, doing retìm kiếm và performing other tasks as needed. Further, editorial assistants serve sầu publications by verifying facts, proofreading for grammar and punctuation, communicating with writers & selecting content for publication. English literature majors' attention to detail và effective communication skills will be useful in this role.

National average salary: $trăng tròn.52 per hour

Primary duties: Interpreters facilitate communication between two or more parties who speak different languages. They vày this by translating và re-communicating both sides of a given conversation. Interpreters can work for many organizations, including schools, governments, private businesses & hospitals. While interpreters must know more than one language, English literature majors who are bilingual or trilingual can expect to use their excellent communication skills in this position.

National average salary: $44,623 per year

Primary duties: Social truyền thông managers are responsible for planning & implementing effective digital marketing strategies on social media channels lượt thích Twitter, Facebook, Instagram và Snapchat. They write and giới thiệu compelling stories on platforms to encourage engagement from users và subscribers. Social truyền thông media managers can work in a variety of different fields, including business, education & the nonprofit sector. English literature majors can easily apply their expert writing skills in this position.

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National average salary: $23.31 per hour

Primary duties: Copy editors revise written material lớn make it easier to lớn read, và they can work in a variety of fields, such as journalism, kinh doanh, academia and advertising. Using their knowledge of grammar and writing styles, editors are responsible for proofreading text lớn guarantee error-không tính tiền copy. They can edit books, websites, journals, articles và more.

National average salary: $48,508 per year

Primary duties: Paralegals tư vấn lawyers by drafting documents, maintaining files, creating organizational systems, performing research & calling on legal witnesses. Often referred to lớn as legal assistants, paralegals persize retìm kiếm, write legal documents and collaborate with their colleagues to streamline clients' legal cases.

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National average salary: $53,969 per year

Primary duties: Lawyers are certified professionals who advise and represent others in legal matters. Lawyers work in a variety of legal fields, including criminal và civil law. They must be great argumentative writers with strategic critical thinking skills. Because English literature majors learn khổng lồ read reflexively, think critically và write arguments creatively, they often make great lawyers.

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National average salary: $54,049 per year

Primary duties: Advertising account executives act as the liaison between clients and creative sầu teams. They are great communicators who play an important part in creating successful sale campaigns. Account executives relay messages between collaborators and work khổng lồ ensure client goals are being met. While jobs in the business sector might not be an obvious choice for liberal arts majors, English literature majors typically possess the requisite oral and written communication skills necessary for this position.

National average salary: $55,177 per year

Primary duties: Educational consultants are academic advisors who work in a K-12 setting. They provide guidance to students và parents on a school's academic curriculum, recommended resources và educational opportunities. This role is a great option for those looking to lớn get involved in education without taking on in-classroom responsibilities. Like English literature majors, educational consultants must be organized, detail-oriented communicators with a passion for supporting continued education.

National average salary: $57,506 per year

Primary duties: Technical writers create and simplify technical documents, such as instructions, manuals, guides và journal articles, to lớn help non-technical professionals easily understand written materials. Technical writers use analytical skills to take complicated, jargon-heavy materials and translate them inkhổng lồ more universally comprehensible ones. They typically work in giải pháp công nghệ or engineering fields where they can help manage the flow of information.

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National average salary: $59,051 per year

Primary duties: Publishers work for publishing companies that produce books, magazines, newspapers và even greeting cards. Publishers implement policies, approve project acquisitions, monitor spending and make larger business decisions. They work side by side with creative sầu teams to lớn market published materials. English literature majors may enjoy working in this field as it is directly related khổng lồ the production of written texts, và literature in particular.

National average salary: $59,357 per year

Primary duties: A librarian is a professional who helps patrons find the information they need within a library or on the mạng internet. Librarians work in schools, colleges, universities và other research institutions, where they maintain library systems and manage books and other truyền thông. English literature majors who possess great organization, interpersonal & analytical skills may enjoy working as a librarian.

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National average salary: $59,502 per year

Primary duties: Public relations managers are professionals who plan & direct the creation of materials that maintain or enhance an organization's public image. Their primary responsibilities include designing và reviewing communication materials, planning strategies, monitoring client progress và conducting brand analysis. As public relations professionals, English literature majors can further hone their creative và communicative sầu skills.

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National average salary: $60,889 per year

Primary duties: Content managers oversee the development, creation và strategic distribution of messaging content for a variety of audiences. They work with clients & creatives lớn help accomplish an organization's specific messaging goal. Content managers typically work in the digital realm, but they can work in print truyền thông as well. Because content managers must be detail-oriented và understand the inner workings of storytelling, English literature majors with a creative flair can make suitable candidates for the role.

National average salary: $61,872 per year

Primary duties: Copywriters serve in various fields lớn craft original, attention-grabbing text based on a client's instructions. This is a creative sầu role that English literature majors may enjoy for its writing, reading & proofing responsibilities. Copywriters often work in the advertising field, writing slogans, jingles, scripts, blog content và more.

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National average salary: $63,288 per year

Primary duties: Records managers work in a variety of fields to lớn develop company records departments và secure information management systems. They are responsible for managing the storage, backup, maintenance, reproduction & placement of all records. Due to their organizational skills, English literature majors can make good candidates for such a role.

National average salary: $65,938 per year

Primary duties: Archivists work lớn acquire, evaluate and preserve special materials, like books, photographs, maps, films and more, depending on the type of archive they work in. They also assist staff & researchers looking khổng lồ access archives of information. English literature majors with interpersonal & analytical skills may excel at archival appraisal và facilitation.

National average salary**: <$69,251 per year**>(https://www.khudothi-kingbay.com/career/marketing-manager/salaries)

Primary duties: Marketing managers handle the management of brand awareness and promotional campaigns. They can work in a variety of fields but typically work in the business sector lớn attract more customers and encourage them lớn engage with a br&. Many marketing managers work in a supervisory role where they manage other staff. English literature majors who have experience writing, problem-solving and collaborating on creative projects may enjoy serving as marketing managers.


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