Writing prompts for analyzing fiction

NEW FREEBIE ALERT! :)Looking for a way to lớn create BOTH engagement AND critical thinking as you study literature in your ELA Classroom? Check out this FREE Literary Analysis Reading Response sheet!Ready-to-print and use, this PDF sheet offers 12 different Literary Analysis Essay prompts that offer eng
This assignment can be modified and used as a timed writing assessment. It can also be used as a multiple day writer's workshop.The process includes the following writing steps: reading & annotating a prompt, collecting và organizing text evidence, and drafting a five sầu paragraph essay.It can b
This is a Literary Analysis Essay Prompt used as a Writing Assessment / Benchmark. Clear directions và expectations are provided for a focused & thorough literary examination of Edgar Alan Poe's The Cask of Amontillabởi vì.

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These FREE writing menus work great for a variety of "choice" writing opportunities in your classroom, including Daily 5 Writing. Each menu board includes 9 different writing prompts/topics. 12 Menus Included:-Personal Narrative-Fictional Narrative-Personal Essay-Literary Essay-Persuasive
These Beowulf journal prompts contain writing tasks for all three levels of writing. They are excellent khổng lồ use as warm-up/ bell-ringer tasks at the beginning of class periods or as more developed writing assignments. They also lover themselves to lớn small group and/or whole class discussions. This lis
This is a thoughtful, creative sầu, và engaging mix of writing log prompts for Hosseni's novel, The Kite Runner. (Please see the pReview for examples from chapters 7-9. The full version contains log prompts for the entire novel). I have used them in grades 9 và 10, though they would also apply lớn o
The handout can be used as homework assignments, in-class writing assignments, or discussion topics for Book 1 of 1984 by George Orwell. Questions are directly related lớn the book's major themes, symbols, và character development, & are geared towards literary analysis, as opposed khổng lồ yes/no, blac
This document is a guide for structuring the written response question of the literary analysis section of the grade 6 English/Language Arts/Literacy PARCC practice thử nghiệm. The specific question is "You have read the passage from Boy's Life and 'Emancipation: A Life Fable.' Write an essay that iden
Students write an expository essay with the prompt: Explain how people from all different backgrounds can be successful despite societal challenges that life presents them. Support your response with information from all sources. You must write at least two complete body paragraphs. This essay is
Stimulate critical thinking, practice citing text evidence to lớn support analysis, và strengthen understanding of a classic text! What it is: Timed essay prompt & rubric handout to conclude or supplement a unit on George Orwell's Animal Farm. What's included:-Student objective & CCSS standa
To prepare for the Question 3 essay prompt on the AP. Literature exam, students read novels và plays of literary merit throughout the school year. Right before the exam, students complete this Google Doc exercise khổng lồ refresh their memories on the details of five novels or plays that would be appropri
In this ELA lesson plan, grades 9-12 students will select relevant & sufficient details to tư vấn a thesis, và provide effective analysis which explains how chosen details demonstrate the essay's answer to lớn a given prompt.
Do your students struggle with writing? Help them along with this amazing outline that prompts them every step of the way in their writing process!
This handout includes essay prompt choices for the drama Oedipus the King. The prompts organized according to lớn various literary lenses. This is meant khổng lồ be used after reading the play.
Essay gives danh mục of short stories & literary devices and asks students to lớn write an essay about how the author used one or more of the literary devices.

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LITERARY ANALYSIS PARAGRAPH- Writing prompt và checklist- Common-core aligned fail-proof "ACEPAPER" mnemonic writing checkdanh sách to guide students through every step of the writing process.- Use this checkmenu as an effortless 15-point grading rubric.*******Want 36 weekly writing activities
Provide students with detailed instructions for writing a literary analysis. This handout discusses and provides examples for the following steps:1. Break down the prompt2. Create a thesis statement và introduction3. Organize information4. Locate illustrative quotes5. Insert signal phrases6.
This literary analysis task contains two different texts. One is a drama và one is poem. Both of the texts have sầu three evidence based selected response questions. At the kết thúc of the assessment is a writing prompt integrating the two texts. A complete answer key is included with this tải về. This is
This PARCC-like Assessment contains one literary passages with Part A/Part B formatted questions. The questions are multiple choice. A writing prompt follows the reading comprehension questions. This is an excellent resource for instructional và assessment purposes.

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Here's a FUN approach to lớn learning the elements of an argumentative essay on Google Slides! Students can use the transparent highlights to identify the elements of argument. This can be used before teaching the unit, during, and/or for reviews. Great for in class và distance learning! *Slides Can Be
FREE Argumentative essay writing rubric with feedbachồng descriptors & peer reviews sheet. Blaze through grading your students' essays và give sầu chất lượng feedback simply by circling the descriptors that apply lớn your students' work. Descriptors cover the most common mistakes students make, and are easy
For teachers who read "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" with students: this is a literary analysis writing prompt that asks students to lớn analyze the main theme in Rod Serling's short play. Also included is a brainstorming sheet where students can follow an easy process lớn help them determine the
I love sầu using this chapter analysis with my students while we study The Great Gatsby. It helps my students move beyond the surface-level storyline, and really dig into the moves that Fitzgerald makes according lớn his purpose. I normally have students complete a literary analysis for each chapter as t

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