Literature into film: theory and practical approaches 1st edition


The worlds of film and literature have long been intertwined, each with the ability khổng lồ open up the other in remarkable ways. The films selected in this danh sách, covering all age groups, are particularly successful adaptations of classic books which are often lớn be found on the curriculum and in the classroom.

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Ranging from the remarkably faithful to lớn the audaciously radical, all of the titles have sầu made a significant impact with audiences, & retain messages that remain relevant to young people, even if their source material was written generations ago. Whether they are used in the classroom to aid teaching of a particular text, or simply as great films in their own right, we hope they will inspire young people lớn return to lớn the source material with fresh eyes, or perhaps piông chồng up something new for the first time. 

You can find separate specific film lists for adaptations of Shakespeare & Roald Dahl, as well as a separate film list for adaptations of slightly more alternative, but equally engaging works. 




Age group5–11

Duration27 mins

The Gruffalo(2009)

Animated tale of a clever little mouse who uses his wits lớn stop being eaten by the scary Gruffalo as he takes a walk through the woods.

This bestseller from Julia Donaldson has quickly become a bedtime staple in many households & is known as much for its vivid illustrations as its story. This half-hour animated adaptation does a fantastic job of capturing the humour & spirit of the well-known tale as well as bringing the vibrant illustrations to life, enthralling the audience in the process.

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Age group5–11

Duration69 mins

Winnie the Pooh(2011)

This gentle, whimsical animated Walt Disney feature uses the old-school, hand-drawn style of the classic A. A. Milne children"s books it"s based on.

A.A. Milne’s stories of the bear with a big heart who loves honey have been enchanting children for generations. This gentle animation is the perfect companion piece lớn those books, using traditional animation and oodles of charm to capture the hearts of a whole new audience.

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The Iron Giant(1999)

Superbly animated adaptation following young Hogarth"s discovery of a colossal, friendly robot, & his plight to protect hyên ổn from government agents.

Based on Ted Hughes’ classic story The Iron Man, this animation has long been one of the most popular titles at Into lớn Film và is now regarded as a genuine classic of children’s cinema. With its roots in the space race of the 1960s, the film is full of heart và is guaranteed to ignite the imagination of young people.

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Watership Down(1978)

Moving và rewarding animation about rabbits on a long journey to lớn safety.

Adapted from Richard Adams" novel, Watership Down is a moving & rewarding experience for all viewers, although the film does not shy away from exploring dark subject matter. The tale is an enchanting one, & a classic of British cinema, but should be viewed beforehvà before showing lớn younger audiences.

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Charlotte"s Web(2006)

Charlotte"s Web, adapted from the popular children"s novel, captures the magic of a wonderful friendship between a pig & a spider.

E.B. White’s children’s classic is a wonderful story of friendship, in this case between a pig and a spider. Full of charm & magic, this film is a worthy adaptation of one of the most popular children’s books of all time, dealing with friendship, community và the environment.

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A heartwarming and very funny family tale of a pig with a penchant for sheep-herding, much khổng lồ the chagrin of the local sheepdog.

Talking pigs of course also play a key part in Babe, adapted from Diông chồng King Smith’s The Sheep-Pig about a pig who is desperate khổng lồ be a sheep-dog. As well as being terrifically entertaining and full of cheeky charm, the fillm contains wonderful messages about refusing khổng lồ simply accept your apparent role in life.

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Muppet Treasure Island(1996)

Trademark Muppet lunacy abounds in this musical adventure about a quest to claim buried treasure using an old pirate maps.

As always, the Muppets prove once again that they are as capable of turning a classic book inlớn a great film as anybody. Robert Louis Stevenson’s swashbuckling tale is turned into a slightly mad musical comedy, but Long John Silver is never far away & the book’s spirit remains intact.

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid(2010)

Funny và painful by turns, Diary of A Wimpy Kid is a clever take on pre-teen angst.

A perennial favourite amongst young Inkhổng lồ Film members, this school comedy based on Jeff Kinney’s series of books has a fantastic message about learning to lớn be yourself. Its painfully funny take on pre-teen angst will appeal lớn anyone who ever wanted khổng lồ be the popular kid in school.

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Swallows và Amazons(2016)

Adaptation of Arthur Ransome’s timeless novel about four siblings embarking on an extraordinary adventure whilst on holiday in the Lake District.

When school is out, the best thing khổng lồ do is lớn go in search of adventure. Arthur Ransome’s timeless classic about young siblings on holiday in the Lake District is winningly adapted here, taking in themes of self-discovery, adventure & exploration, offering a perfect antidote to our increasingly digital lives.

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Offbeat film about a kid who"s sent lớn a sinister correctional facility in the desert lớn dig holes after being falsely accused of theft.

This comedy adventure, faithfully adapted from Louis Sachar’s novel, is imaginative, inventive sầu family entertainment, full of visual flourishes & a genuine weight to lớn its story. Like the book, the film is likely to lớn enchant as well as challenge its young audience.

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A Wrinkle in Time(2018)

Thirteen-year-old Meg must travel throughout the universe lớn find her father who has been missing for four years.

Madeline L’Engle’s 1962 novel introduced themes of spirituality and fate to lớn a younger audience whilst also telling an exciting and inclusive adventure story with children at its centre. With this adaptation, director Ava Duverni became the first Blachồng woman to direct a live-action film with a budget of more than $100 million alongside casting a diverse & recognisable cast.

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Ernest và Celestine(2012)

A beautiful animation about an unlikely friendship between a big clown bear và a clever orphan mouse, from the makers of A Town Called Panic!

Based on a series of children’s books from Belgium, written and illustrated by Gabrielle Vincent, the visuals in this film take their cue from the gorgeous watercolour images of its source material. Friendship và tolerance is explored through a lovingly rendered prism of an exciting adventure story for the ages.

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Where The Wild Things Are(2009)

Spike Jonze"s live sầu action adaptation of Maurice Sendak"s children"s classic about tameable monsters and an angry little boy.

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Having stood the kiểm tra of time khổng lồ become one of the most well known children’s books of the modern age, Maurice Sendak’s universal tale of the importance of fantasy và storytelling during childhood comes alive sầu on screen. Director Spike Jonze captures the scariness of being young and experiencing new things in this dazzling adaptation full of giant but friendly creatures.

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The Giant Pear(2017)

After the town’s beloved mayor disappears, two friends receive sầu a message suggesting he’s still alive sầu, & mix out on an adventure to lớn find hlặng.

Taking a cue from Roald Dahl & another famous giant fruit, this is a rip-roaring adventure filled with gorgeous animation, sea dragons, pirates and ghosts. Adapted from the Danish children’s book ‘The Incredible Story of the Giant Pear’, young audiences will be drawn into lớn a surreal story that is nevertheless grounded by themes of friendship & exploration.

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Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2(2013)

Intrepid inventor Flint Lockwood và his crew travel to lớn a mysterious island to lớn fend off a new breed of mayhem causing food-animals!

Written & illustrated by husbvà and wife team Judi và Ron Barrett in the 1970s, the original novel ‘Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs’ was voted as one of the Top 100 Books for Children by American teachers. After the worldwide success of this zippy animated feature, the book began to lớn gain more recognition worldwide và is now viewed as a well-loved classic bedtime story.

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Great Expectations(1946)

Classic David Lean adaptation of the Dickens novel about an orphan with a mysterious benefactor.

Lean also found great success adapting Dickens in this classic adaptation from 1946. Known for its fidelity to lớn the source material, & remaining remarkably accessible, the film is igiảm giá for helping young people to unloông xã the complexity of what can be quite a challenging text.

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Lord Of The Flies(1990)

Based on William Golding"s famous novel about a group of boys stranded on a desert islvà who create their own brutal society.

William Golding’s seminal story of a group of boys trapped on a desert island has had a huge influence on film & literature. This adaptation differs from the text in interesting ways, placing more focus on the character of Ralph, và has acquired a cult following. Full of visual spectacle, it brings the book to lớn life in vivid ways.

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Dorian Gray(2009)

Adaption of the classic Oscar Wilde novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

This adaptation of Osoto Wilde’s legendary novel about a man seemingly untouched by the passing of time also ramps up the horror. Full of the writer’s unparalleled wit and turn-of-phrase, the story is told in accessible, crowd-pleasing fashion, but without shying away from the text’s darker and disturbing themes.

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Jane Eyre(2011)

Charlotte Bronte"s much-filmed 1847 novel is reinvigorated for a new generation in this brooding period romance.

The 2011 adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s novel oozes gothic romance và haunting atmosphere. Energetically directed và full of startling imagery, this is another example of classic pieces of literature being powerfully brought into lớn the 21st century without compromising any of their text’s themes, language and setting, opening themselves up to lớn new audiences.

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Epic tale of love, betrayal và guilt which begins in a country house in 1935 and spans several decades.

The costume drama also receives a vivid modern updating in Joe Wright’s lively, seductive sầu adaptation of Ian McEwan’s Booker-prize nominee. Famed for its breathtaking depiction of World War Two Dunkirk in particular, this star-driven film is also romantic, epic and emotionally raw, opening up the text in many insightful ways.

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Based on the World War I experience of soldier-poet Siegfried Sassoon, who suffered a mental breakdown on realising there was no point lớn the fighting

World War One is the focus for another epic based on a Booker-prize nominated novel, Pat Barker’s Regeneration. Based on the experiences of Siegfried Sassoon, the film vividly captures life in the trenches, but also the horrific effect the fighting had on the mental health of countless soldiers.

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The Kite Runner(2007)

This adaptation is a powerful story of friendship & betrayal phối in Afghanisrã.

Providing a child’s insight into more modern warfare, this film, adapted from the 2003 bestseller about a young Afghani boy fleeing to lớn the west after his country is invaded gives an important insight inkhổng lồ a world largely only seen on the news. With two boys" friendship at its heart, it is a valuable example of storytelling generating empathy for people less advantage

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To Kill A Mockingbird(1962)

Harper Lee adaptation about an idealistic white lawyer in 1930s Alabama who takes on the case of a black man accused of an awful crime.

Harper Lee’s story of a Trắng lawyer who takes on the case of a falsely accused blachồng man uses a child’s perspective of the world to lớn highlight issues of racism, prejudice, ignorance & injustice. The film is a bona-fide classic, Gregory Peck’s Atticus Finch remaining one of cinema’s most popular characters.

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Unsettling drama based on Toni Morrison"s novel about a mysterious woman who enters the life of a former slave sầu và is related khổng lồ her disturbing past.

Toni Morrison’s disturbing novel uses elements of the gothic-horror genre to examine America’s legacy of slavery. Despite its star power, the film admirably eschews pursuing commercial appeal in favour of doing justice to its source material, refusing khổng lồ compromise or sanitise its representation of the horrific.

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Based on Mary Shelley"s classic Gothic horror novel, the story of a misunderstood, man-made creature who escapes from his creator’s laboratory.

Frankenstein may be one of the most fearsome horror icons in the world but the novel, and this early film from Universal, paint hyên ổn as a more sympathetic figure và fascinating character in his own right. Now considered a masterpiece, much like the original novel, there is much khổng lồ be discussed from a contemporary perspective through this timeless, and still shocking, story.

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Anita & Me(2002)

Meemãng cầu, a young British-Asian girl, comes khổng lồ idolise the older white Anita, whilst struggling with entrenched prejudice in this coming of age drama.

Released during a period of popularity for films about young British-Asians, Anita & Me explores how a girl"s Hindu upbringing clashes against the predominantly Trắng, working-class society that she lives in, leading her khổng lồ confront her heritage head on. The novel, by Meera Syal, became a best-seller và has been adopted as set-texts at many schools in the country.

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Never Let Me Go(2010)

What begins as a love sầu triangle between students at an English boarding school soon evolves into lớn a science fiction tale of what it means lớn be human.

The British-Japanese writer Kazuo Ishiguro has won many literary awards but this novel may be his most famous và well regarded amongst younger readers. Melancholy, moody và with fantastic philosophical insight, this film adaptation, starring some of Britain’s great young actors of the time, taps into many of Ishiguro’s complex ideas in an accessible and propulsive way.

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The Little Stranger(2018)

British gothic horror mix in 1948 in which a doctor becomes a cthua trận acquaintance of a wealthy family who believe they are being haunted.

Continuing the British tradition of superb gothic horror novels written by women, Sarah Waters’ 2009 book is faithfully & atmospherically adapted here by director Lenny Abrahamson. Through a subtle, metaphorical narrative sầu và clever use of horror tropes, The Little Stranger explores themes such as grief and memory in a way perfectly suited to lớn literature students.

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Wuthering Heights(2011)

Emily Bronte"s classic book is revived with a brutal intensity as a poor English boy is taken in by a wealthy family and falls for his foster sister.

One of this country’s most beloved & famous novels is given a radical makeover by Andrea Arnold here, retaining the passion & emotional power of the source material whilst using contemporary filmmaking techniques to give sầu a different aura khổng lồ the windswept Yorkshire moors. Intimate và modern, this adaptation strives to make audiences see this classic story in a new way.

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Half of a Yellow Sun(2013)

Adaptation of a best selling novel following the lives of two sisters and their families prior lớn and during the Nigerian civil war.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of the most popular and important writers of the 21st century, giving voice to lớn Blaông chồng women throughout the world. Her ability lớn craft stories that resonate universally is evident in Half of a Yellow Sun & this film adaptation gives life khổng lồ the sights and sounds of Nigeria with well-rounded & relatable characters at the heart of the narrative.

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