Literature mailers

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Universal Medium-Duty Easy Assembly Storage Boxes, Legal Size, 24" x 15.13" x 10.25", White, Carton Of 12 Boxes

When you think of ""mail"", it's easy lớn imagine a generic association with handwritten letters và notices tucked in envelopes, but mail doesn't come in just 1 universal form size. Office mail is diverse, coming in a variety of sizes, weights & fragility levels. Whether your company needs lớn skết thúc big, heavy packages across the country or ship a few items to a nearby client, there are plenty of small shipping boxes, corrugated mailers, tubes and literature mailers to accommodate any company need.

What it's Designed to Hold

The kích thước of a mailer will dictate what type of items it can hold. Consider the width, length and depth of a shipping box to determine if it will properly fit certain items. Certain corrugated mailers are designed specifically to lớn hold select items, such as photos, documents, binders & literature, while small and large shipping boxes are meant for universal use. Mailing bags và envelopes make it easy to lớn insert và remove items and generally feature some type of padded or foam-lined interior to prevent scratching or damaging stored contents during transit.

Put it Together

Most office workers và mailroom employees aren't master assemblers. Thanks lớn small and large shipping boxes with easy-to-assemble, 1-piece designs, they don't have to be. A shipping box generally comes flat to help conserve sầu storage space & can be assembled within seconds without the use of tape or any other adhesive with simple folding movements. Select a shipping box with a peel-strip or tear-strip closure for quick, hassle-không tính phí sealing.

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24529978.990Office Depot® Br& Deluxe Literature Mailers 24" x 14" x 4", Paông chồng of 25/

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