Literature of the western world: the ancient world through the renaissance

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Xem thêm: Reading And Writing About Literature: A Portable Guide, Literature Review (2010)

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For surveys of World Literature or Literature of the Western World in departments of English, Comparative Literature.

The most comprehensive sầu, best-selling anthology of its kind, this two-volume survey allows students and instructors to choose ahy vọng the most important canonical and less-familiar texts of the Western literary tradition in Europe and the Americas. It offers complete texts whenever possible, uses the best translations of foreign-language material, &, when appropriate, presents more than one text by each author. It provides extensive sầu analytic and explanatory apparatus, including detailed historical and biographical notes và introductions khổng lồ six literary periods.

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NEW - 54 new selections—Includes a wider range of literary traditions such as oral and folk traditions, lyric poetry, bardic poetry, and a series of mini-anthologies.

Offers greater range and scope to students' knowledge of Western literature. Ex.___ NEW - Selections of cultural texts for each period—Acts as illuminating companion pieces to literature. Intellectual and cultural context enable students to understand the ideas that writers express indirectly. Ex.___ NEW - Companion Website. Rich, additional content and study material provides students with more support for outside study. NEW - Updated suggestions for further reading. Encourages individual interpretation and extends the learning experience. Ex.___ Clear, readable translations. Enables students to enjoy subtle qualities of the original texts. Ex.___ An historical and cultural context—Includes accessible, substantive author biographicalinformation, critical bibliographies, introduction, and annotations. Provides an historical and cultural context in a student-friendly format. Ex.___ Complete works are included whenever possible. Facilitates greater appreciation of the craft. Ex.___ Works by women and minorities—Includes works by African-American authors, as well as literature by women and about women's issues. Provides a rich, meaningful balance of works. Ex.___ ">

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