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It is often useful to lớn focus a literature reviews by means of đánh giá questions. At the early stages of your retìm kiếm the questions might be quite broad. As you become more familiar with your topic you can begin lớn ask more specific và detailed questions. The following list of questions, adapted from Hart (1998) may provide you with a useful starting point:

What is the topic of interest?What are the origins & definitions of the topic?What are major issues and debates about the topic?What are the key sources?What are the key concepts, models, perspectives, theories?What are the epistemological & ontological grounds for the discipline? What are the main questions và problems that have been addressed lớn date?What methods have been used lớn study these questions & problems?How has knowledge in the topic been structured và organized?How have sầu approkhudothi-kingbay.comhes khổng lồ these questions increased our understanding and knowledge?

It can be useful to create và maintain a table relating to these questions. The table can help you capture crucial information from ekhudothi-kingbay.comh paper that you reviews.

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What aspect of the topic does this paper address?How does this paper define the topic?what issues or debates are raised?

Is this a core or peripheral source? Why?

What concepts, models, Perspectives, theories are presented? What is the epistemological and ontological position?What questions and problems does the Paper address? 

What methods (if any) are employed in the paper?

 In what ways does this paper relate to lớn other papers in this field? How has The paper helped to lớn develop my understanding of the topic?















































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Hart, C. (1998). "Doing a literature review: releasing the social science retìm kiếm imagination". London: SAGE Publications

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