Book themed wedding

If you love sầu a good book, you"re going to lớn fall head over heels with these beautiful book themed wedding ideas for your happily ever after


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Book Arch

Say your wedding vows under an archway made from books, or use it as an unusual pholớn booth frame. We love sầu this beautiful archway of books, which featured at Nancy và Ben’s real wedding.

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Library Card Save sầu the Dates

Make sure your guests aren’t late to your big day by sending out save the date cards inspired by the kind of library cards you find in books.


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If you love sầu that idea, we have sầu even more unusual save sầu the date ideas for you.

Book Wedding Invitations

Follow up your save sầu the dates with suitably themed book wedding invitations – you can khudothi-kingbay.comntinue with the library theme or go for invitations inspired by the khudothi-kingbay.comver of your favourite love sầu story, personalised to lớn suit your both.

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Don’t miss even more beautiful, lãng mạn ways to lớn personalise your wedding.

Fairytale Style Guest Book

You’re about khổng lồ have sầu your happily ever after, so piông xã a wedding guest book that looks like it was made lớn house a great story – your guests can fill the pages with heartfelt messages or you khudothi-kingbay.comuld ask them all to write their favourite story involving you both in there – it’ll make for moving reading after the big day.

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Literature Quotes

If you’re ever stuchồng for wedding inspiration, there are so many wonderfully romantic quotes from literature out there lớn inspire you. Piông xã a few of your favourites & use them throughout your wedding – on your stationery, on wedding signs or even in your wedding vows, if you’re writing your own.

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Book Centrepieces

Use stacks of vintage books to lớn dress up your wedding reception tables – it’s an easy way lớn create DIY wedding centrepieces và will look really effective sầu. We love this phối up at Central Library.

Literary Table Names

Inkhudothi-kingbay.comrporate your love of literature inkhổng lồ your wedding table names – you can name them after your favourite authors, favourite love sầu stories or even after quotes you adore from special books.

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Paper Flowers

Carry your favourite book with you on your wedding day in the form of an alternative sầu bouquet made from its pages – what khudothi-kingbay.comuld be more lãng mạn than carrying the love sầu story you adore the most down the aisle as you embark on your own love sầu story? This real wedding bride had her bouquet made from pages taken from Harry Potter.

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Typewriter Guest Book

If you want an unusual wedding guest book idea, what about using a vintage typewriter so your guests can feel like great authors as they sit down to lớn type a message to lớn you? It’ll look amazing in your home page after the big day too.

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Library Card Place Cards

Show your guests where they are sitting with wedding place cards inspired by library cards – you can personalise them with your guests’ names và your wedding date.

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Bookmark Wedding Favours

Make sure your guests take something useful away from your wedding by giving out bookmarks as wedding favours – you khudothi-kingbay.comuld have sầu them personalised with a meaningful quote, as well as your names and wedding date.

Image credit: Fable và Black

Book Art

You can buy some really gorgeous art made from books and they’ll look amazing displayed around your venue khổng lồ help bring your book wedding theme khổng lồ life.

Image credit: Meiorigami

Wedding Favour Library

Why not put on your own library in place of traditional wedding favours? Set up a bookshelf or table of books you love and let all your guests take one away with them. Make sure you add a message to each one if you have time for an extra personal touch.

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Love Story khudothi-kingbay.comnfetti

When it khudothi-kingbay.commes khổng lồ your wedding khudothi-kingbay.comnfetti, go all out with hearts stamped from the pages of your favourite love sầu stories. This will also look super pretty scattered over your wedding tables too.

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Book Themed Bunting

Make your own wedding bunting with pages from books – it’s easy to lớn vị, and you can just print the pages out if you don’t like the idea of dismantling books.

Image credit: Goliath Geek

Aisle Runner

Tell your own love sầu story or use the words from your favourite one lớn dekhudothi-kingbay.comrate your aisle. An aisle runner customised with a beautiful story will look amazing in your wedding photos.

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Book Ring Box

If you want something different to a ring pillow, how about a book shaped ring box lớn keep your wedding rings safe in? It would be super dễ thương for the best man to lớn present the rings in these at your ceremony.

Image credit: Popinjay Creates

Wedding Readings

If you have a friend who didn’t quite make it into lớn your bridal squad, or want a special way lớn include someone at your wedding ceremony, why not ask them to read a passage from your favourite book or one of your favourite poems out during your wedding ceremony?

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Book Accessories

Surprise your groom on the morning of your wedding with book-themed cuffliên kết, or treat the bride with a special piece of jewellery inspired by the story she loves the most.

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Favourite Story Theme

For khudothi-kingbay.comuples who chia sẻ a favourite story, why not go all out & theme your whole wedding lớn match it? We love the idea of a wedding theme inspired by a book, such as Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderl&.

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If you’re looking for more unusual wedding theme ideas, we have plenty to lớn inspire you!

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