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We offer all available Information Pamphlets và booklets here, in all currently available languages, in order to lớn serve our members and potential members. Please note that .pdf files of books are not available online. We bởi vì offer e-books for sale online, & we continue lớn provide over half a million dollars’ in miễn phí or subsidize printed literature lớn addicts in need every year.

Requests for alterkhudothi-kingbay.comtive sầu formats of our book-length literature, if needed, can be sent towb

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White Booklet The Group Booklet
Twelve Concepts for Service An Introductory Guide to
Behind the Walls In Times of Illness
Working Step Four in A Resource in Your Community
Informatiokhudothi-kingbay.coml Pamphlets (IPs)
IP. #1: Who, What, How, và Why IPhường #2: The Group
IP #5: Another Look IPhường #6: Recovery & Relapse
IPhường #7: Am I an Addict? IPhường. #8: Just for Today
IP #9: Living the Program IP #11: Sponsorship
IPhường #12: The Triangle of Self-Obsession IP. #13: By Young Addicts…

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Xem thêm:

#14: One Addict"s Experience...
IPhường. #15: PI & the Member
IPhường #16: For the Newcomer IP. #17: For Those in Treatment
IP. #19: Self-Acceptance IP.. #20: H&I Service và the Member
IPhường #21: The Loner IP #22: Welcome to
IPhường #23: Staying Clean on the Outside IP.. #24: Money Matters: Self-Support in
IPhường #26: Accessibility… IP #27: For the Parents...
IP.. #28: Funding Services IP #29: Introduction to lớn Meetings
IP #30 Mental Health in Recovery
Group Readings
Who Is an Addict? What Is the Program?
Why Are We Here? How It Works
The Twelve sầu Traditions of Just for Today
We Do Recover
White Booklet in American Sign Language (File is in ISO format inside zip tệp tin. Download the file, uncompress and burn the ISO file to a DVD)

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