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How can we let families and friends of addicts know about doingoutreachto spread awareness!The focus of outreach is lớn let families & friends of addicts know that help is available. An outreach committee acts as a vital link between individuals seeking help và members who share their experience, strength, and hope. Outreach assists in the growth of our local groups, areas, & regions.

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Step Twelve invites us to carry’s message of hope to lớn others. Outreach offers a way to carry the message by increasing awareness of Family Groups. The focus of outreach is khổng lồ let families và friends of addicts & professionals who may come in liên hệ with them know that help is available. Spreading awareness through outreach assists in the growth of local groups, areas, and regions & the fellowship as a whole.

Performing Outreach

All levels of the fellowship - local groups, areas and regions - can support outreach và be part of the vital links between individuals seeking help và members who giới thiệu their experience, strength, và hope.

Consider forming an Outreach Committee to lớn better coordinate outreach efforts.

With Mission, Vision Statement & Principles in mind, an Outreach Committee can be designed to lớn meet the needs of each community.

Outreach Cover Letters Guide

Three cover letters are included in the Outreach Packet và are available for download at the links below. The downloadable PDFs can be printed &, or,photocopied for use by regions, areas, và groups for purposes of outreach.


When using a cover letter, consider enclosing a local or regional meeting directory (if available) & the Offers Hope pamphlet (PDF available below) or along with other outreach literature available in the Outreach Packet at the WebStore.

Putting Cover Letters to lớn Work

A group, an area or a region can size an outreach committee. Areas và regions can ask GSRs to distribute the cover letters lớn group members. Groups that form an outreach committee can work together with members of their group to lớn perkhung outreach. If a committee does not exist, a thành viên may carry the message with the use of these cover letters và material. Just rethành viên that if we go before the public, we should always have sầu two members present.

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Use the Internet, phone book, or other resources to identify local professionals who come in contact with those struggling with the problems of addiction in a loved one or frikết thúc. Consider gathering tương tác information for doctors, medical centers, therapists, mental health facilities, treatment centers, law enforcement, drug courts, the clergy, & ecumenical council.

Group members can be asked to distribute these letters, anonymously if they wish, to lớn professionals in their community via mail.

Group members that are willing lớn break their anonymity may drop these materials off personally. They may ask the professional or appropriate administrator if they may leave resource materials with them for distribution. They may also ask if they may display our outreach posters and literature in a lobby or appropriate area.

Outreach Tools

Outreach is essential lớn spreading awareness of the program. Below are liên kết to lớn downloadable tools khổng lồ support your outreach efforts. Logo Kit

To Obtain - the trademarked logos - Public Service Announcements (PSA)

Print PSA - for use in newspapers, online classified advertisements and other print media.

Video PSA- for outreach via related websites, forums, & other digital avenues. View the đoạn phim below.

Audio PSA - for use on local radio stations, public service airtime, broadcast at public events (i.e., baseball parks, health fairs, etc.),

Tri-Fold Brochures Offers Hope -Downloadable PDF version to lớn print or photocopy for purposes of outreach.

Narateen Outreach -Downloadable PDF version to lớn print or photocopy for purposes of outreach. Outreach Poster -Downloadable PDF version to lớn print or photocopy for purposes of outreach.(8 1/2x11)


Checkcác mục for an Outreach Booth (O-409) - lớn help with organization & phối up of an outreach booth.

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Informing the Community (O-414) - khổng lồ help with informing the community about a new meeting.

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