North american literature

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Literature has existed in the Americas for as long as the people who lived there have sầu been telling stories. Native sầu American cultures have a rich history of oral literature. Mayan books from as far back as the 5th century are known, and it is believed that the Maya started writing things down centuries before that. As a specific discipline viewed through the lens of European literature, American literature began in the early 17th century with the arrival of English-speaking Europeans in what would become the United States.

Notable authors of American literature include: John Smith, who wrote some of its earliest works; Phillis Wheatley, who wrote the first African American book; Edgar Allan Poe, a standout of the Romantic era; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a celebrated poet; Emily Dickinson, a woman who wrote poetry at a time when the field was largely dominated by men; Mark Twain, a master of humour và realism; Ernest Hemingway, a novemenu who articulated the disillusionment of the Lost Generation; and Toni Morrison, a writer who centred her works on the blaông xã experience & received a Nobel Prize in 1993.

American literature is often divided inkhổng lồ five major periods:

The Colonial & Early National period (17th century lớn 1830)The Romantic period (1830 khổng lồ 1870)Realism & Naturalism (1870 to 1910)The Modernist period (1910 to 1945)The Contemporary period (1945 khổng lồ present)

American literature, the toàn thân of written works produced in the English language in the United States.

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Like other national literatures, American literature was shaped by the history of the country that produced it. For almost a century & a half, America was merely a group of colonies scattered along the eastern seaboard of the North American continent—colonies from which a few hardy souls tentatively ventured westward. After a successful rebellion against the motherlvà, America became the United States, a nation. By the end of the 19th century this nation extended southward lớn the Gulf of Mexico, northward to the 49th parallel, and westward lớn the Pacific. By the over of the 19th century, too, it had taken its place amuốn the powers of the world—its fortunes so interrelated with those of other nations that inevitably it became involved in two world wars và, following these conflicts, with the problems of Europe và East Asia. Meanwhile, the rise of science và industry, as well as changes in ways of thinking & feeling, wrought many modifications in people’s lives. All these factors in the development of the United States molded the literature of the country.

This article traces the history of American poetry, drama, fiction, and social và literary criticism from the early 17th century through the turn of the 21st century. For a description of the oral and written literatures of the indigenous peoples of the Americas, see Native American literature. Though the contributions of African Americans lớn American literature are discussed in this article, see African American literature for in-depth treatment. For information about literary traditions related to, and at times overlapping with, American literature in English, see English literature và Canadian literature: Canadian literature in English.

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