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Grade Levels: 3 through 5 Objectives: The student should be able to:Recognize and understvà the courage and heroism of the Danish và Swedish people & all others who resisted the Nazis.Realize that each of us has the capađô thị lớn bởi vì good as well as evil.Analyze & underst& the reasons & motivations that caused certain people to lớn take a st&.Recognize his or her own ability lớn work for justice and make a difference in one"s own society & culture. Sunshine State Standards:Grades 3-5SS.A.1.2.1, 1.2.2, 2.2.3, 2.3.1, 2.3.2SS.B.1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3LA.A.2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.4, 2.2.7LA.E.1.2.4, 2.2.3, 2.2.4 View all Sunshine State Standards Story Summary:In Denmark in 1943, the lives of all Jews are in jeopardy. Ten-year-old Annemarie"s best friover, Ellen, is Jewish. Annemarie"s family undertakes the dangerous mission of smuggling Ellen & her family lớn Sweden aboard the fishing boat that belongs khổng lồ Annemarie"s uncle. But when Anemarie"s mother is injured, and the special package that was to lớn be delivered to Annemarie"s uncle on the fishing boat is found beside the porch, it is up khổng lồ Annemarie lớn deliver the package safely. Along the way, she must contend with German soldiers, as well as her own fear.Concept Summary: Annemarie spends much time reflecting on what it means to lớn be brave. She feels she is not brave sầu because of her fear. But Annemarie comes khổng lồ realize that bravery và fear often go hand in hand. The book dramatizes the heroism of the Danish people as a whole, as well as individuals lượt thích Annemarie và her family. An afterward explains the historical facts behind the fiction. Procedures: Pre-Reading Activities và Discussion Questions:World War II was one of the costliest and most destructive sầu wars in history. What vì you know about this terrible conflict? Choose one of the following topics, vì some research about it in the library, & mô tả what you learned with your classmates.Causes of World War IIWar in EuropeWar in the PacificPlight of the Jews during the war and Hitler"s final solutionBombing of Hiroshima và Nagaski Find the country of Denmark on a map or a globe. Answer the following:Which đô thị is the capital of Denmark? Where is the đô thị located?Which part of Denmark is near the country of Sweden?What separates Denmark from Sweden?Which country is directly south of Denmark?Work in your literature circle group và complete a FRIENDSHIP web. Complete the website as you discuss what friendship means khổng lồ you. Then compare your friendship website lớn the webs made by other groups in your class.Devise a plan to lớn hide a frikết thúc for a week from cruel representatives of an unjust government. Determine the safest place to lớn offer your frikết thúc shelter, the way you would bring food to your frikết thúc, và how you would make sure that others would not know your friend"s whereabouts.Suggested Topics for Literature Circle Discussion and Responding:Tell why Kirsti"s reaction to lớn the soldiers in chapter one is different from Ellen"s & Annemarie"s.Explain what Henrik means when he says, "It is easier khổng lồ be brave if you vày not know everything" (page 76).On page 79, explain the thought that Annemarie feels that she & her mother were equals.What are the other sources of pride lớn which Annemarie is referring on pages 93-94?Explain why it is harder for the ones waiting (p. 98)?Why doesn"t Annemarie"s mother tell her what is in the package?Why doesn"t Annemarie think she was brave (p.122)? Do you agree with her? Explain why or why not. Use text reference to lớn baông chồng up your response.Suggested Topics for Discussion và Responding:Discuss some of the everyday hardships that the Johansens và the Rosens had lớn face because of the war.Consider Annemarie"s words, "Now I think that all of Denmark must be bodyguard for the Jews." How might the people of Denmark accomplish that task?Write about an sự kiện that happened in your own life as through it were a flashback. This event should be one that would help someone you know understvà you better.Think about what you have sầu learned so far about Annemarie and the times in which she lived. Do you think Annemarie will be called upon khổng lồ exhibit courage & bravery in some way? What might Annemarie be called upon khổng lồ do? As you continue lớn read the story, compare your prediction lớn what actually happens.Compare and contrast the German soldiers who came to lớn the Johansens" home different from those who patrolled the streets.Compare & contrast Annemarie và Ellen. Use a Venn diagram. List the traits they had in comtháng on the overlapping part of the circles. Predict what might happen next in the story.Write a letter khổng lồ Papa telling about your journey to lớn Uncle Henriks home. Tell what you did the morning after your arrival. Then explain the strange events of that evening. Include personal feelings that you think Annemarie might have sầu had during that time.Write a journal entry reflecting the most recent events in your life. Predict what you think is going lớn happen next.Write a journal entry describing what you did and how you felt during your dangerous adventure. Locate passages in chapter 15 that create a sense of danger and fear và allow the reader to lớn know how Annemarie felt. Choose two passages that reflect the exciting & suspenseful mood. List them, và tell why they made you feel that way.Imagine a situation in which Annemarie & Ellen meet again after the war. Write a journal entry that explains where, when, how, what và why. Describe the time & place. Work with your group và write a scene that can be presented khổng lồ the class.Imagine that you are a newspaper reporter and the time is a few weeks after the end of World War II. You have just learned about the heroic efforts of the Danish people to save their Jewish population from the Nazis. Write an article for your newspaper describing those efforts và how the Danes accomplished their goals.Choose one of the characters in Number the Stars. Pretend that you are the character. Write a short autobiography of your life. Introduce yourself to the rest of the class as the character you selected và read your autobiography aloud.Create a Heritage Day.

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Bring in items from trang chính to lớn represent your cultural background such as old pictures, recipes, maps và articles of clothing. Use the library to locate folk tales, legends, và songs that describe or celebrate your heritage. Share the items you brought from home by placing them on display in your classroom. Then join together with your classmates lớn read some of the stories và sing some of the songs. Invite other classes, or families lớn attkết thúc.Literary Devices:Flashbaông chồng in literature refers khổng lồ a scene or a series of episodes that interrupts the normal sequence of events to lớn describe an event or events that happened in the past. Sklặng through Chapter two khổng lồ find a flashbaông chồng. Respond khổng lồ the following:What is the time period of the flashback?What happens in the flashback?Why is the information in the flashbaông chồng important?Allusion is a reference in literature to lớn a familiar person, place or event. Do some retìm kiếm khổng lồ find out about the Norse God Thor to whom Kirsti alluded when she named her cát. Why was Thor a humorous name for the kitten?A cliffhanger in literature is a device borrowed from serialized silent films in which an episode or chapter ends at a moment of heightened tension and suspense lớn encourage the reader lớn continue on in the story. Tell about the cliff-hanger at the end of Chapter twelve.Personification in literature is a device in which an author grants human qualities or attributes lớn inanimate objects. Dawn would creep across the Swedish farmland and coast; then it would wash little Denmark with light & move across the North Sea lớn wake Norway.The last section of the book is called the Afterward. Consider the information that the author gives the reader in this section. Discuss why this section was included, what you learned by reading the section, & if there would be another effective way to lớn include this information somewhere else in the text.Literary Elements:Create a sense chart that identifies a specific place. Include the five senses. Think about a special place that you once visited. What did you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel while you were there? Use the chart khổng lồ list the things that you experienced with your senses. Use at least one descriptive sầu word lớn tell about each thành phầm. Try lớn write a draft of a story about this place.Suggested Activities:Have students use classroom resource materials & media center resources to find out about when the German occupation of Copenhagen began. Investigate the response of the people of Denmark.Use classroom và truyền thông media center resources khổng lồ research Christian X, who was portrayed in the novel as a very principled, courageous man. Have students find out about this unusual ruler.Using a bản đồ of Europe, have students locate và label Denmark, Norway, Hollvà, Belgium, France, Sweden, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea (and the part of the North Sea called Kattegat, p.16), Hillerod, and Norrebro (page 7).Have sầu students retìm kiếm the culture, economy, and history of Denmark. Have sầu students research and find out about places Annemarie remembered that her family enjoyed prior to the war (pages 30-31). Have them present findings to the rest of their literature group, or khổng lồ the class in a creative sầu way.Have students write a story, or poem that explores the meaning of bravery. Annemarie wonders what it means lớn be brave sầu. Students can express their thoughts to lớn Annemarie.Annemarie sets out khổng lồ deliver the package containing the handkerchief, while doing this she tells herself the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Writers often use devices such as metaphor and allegory that help khổng lồ bring a deeper meaning khổng lồ their text. Use examples of metaphor và allegory khổng lồ help students understvà how these devices are used. Then, ask students khổng lồ write a journal entry comparing Annemarie"s experience on her mission to deliver the package lớn the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Have sầu them nói qua the ways that Annemarie"s experience mirrors the tale. Have sầu students also discuss the ways it is different.Ask students to lớn find an image that Lois Lowry created that helps them underst& the story. Ask students to lớn create a work of art that would help express these thoughts.Danish boats ferried Jews lớn safety in Sweden from the following points on the map: Gillelje, Rungsted, Copenhagene and Mon. Locate these places on a bản đồ và tell about the boats and people that ferried people khổng lồ safety.Have students select two characters from the story. Draw their pictures. Under the picture have them use descriptive sầu language and tell about the characters, make sure that they compare and contrast.Students can create a poster or chart that show the elements of fiction found in Number the Stars. Have them present their poster in a creative way.After each day"s reading, encourage students khổng lồ write one or more new things they learned from the text.Provide students with quotes from the novel & ask them khổng lồ write their own responses.Students can design a postthẻ to send to lớn Papage authority in Copenharen. Have sầu them use descriptions from the book to lớn draw the postcard (countryside, farm of Uncle Henrik, the seashore, or a fishing boat). Have sầu them write a message lớn Papa telling hyên of the trip to Uncle Henriks. Remind the students that Nazis might intercept the mail, and that they need to lớn write in code. Display the finished postcards. (Do front và baông chồng on two pieces of 3x5 oak tag.)
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