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Wall Mount và Countertop Brochure Holders

Buy Straight from a US Manufacturer! We Offer Countertop Brochure Holders & Acrylic Literature Displays at Competitive sầu Prices. call 866-235-1216 for Bulk Pricing. We Help Presenting your Marketing Literature & Advertisements. Find hundreds of different acrylic brochure holders & literature displays in various sizes, colors and styles in our catalog!Having office products likeacrylic sign holdershelps present your kinh doanh literature and advertisements in a professional manner that enhances the image of your company br& image. Quality, affordability, và professionalism are what our office products provide for your company.

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Customers are not likely khổng lồ piông xã up advertising literature when scattered across a table or counter.Acrylic brochure holdersor pamphlet holders provide an affordable way khổng lồ raise it khổng lồ the consumer"s eye level. Available for countertop and/or wall mounting!Advertise more by adding a business thẻ holder or literature pocket khổng lồ any acrylic displays.

Most promotional literature is printed as a 4" wide x 9" high or a 8½" wide x 11" high flyer. If your inserts are not suitable for any of our stoông chồng items, we can custom manufacture brochure holdersfloor displays, or business thẻ displays that fit your business needs! As the actual manufacturer, we have sầu the capability to lớn customize almost every aspect of the acrylic brochure holders or displays as well as imprint a hình ảnh sản phẩm or other graphic designs. Imprinting and customization go a long way when promoting your brand name và image.

Which Acrylic Display Holders is Best for Your Retail Business?

Choosing plexiglass brochure holders for your retail store might seem lượt thích a simple decision. However, a surprisingly large variety of different acrylic literature display are available,ranging from single pocket & trifold brochure holders to lớn floor displays và rotating holders, making it important that you choose the right Model for your needs.

The goal of countertop acrylic holders và the likeis lớn get information about your business’s products, services và offers inlớn the hands of prospective sầu customers. Most businesses will choose wall mounted brochure holders or tabletop display stands, both of which offer a variety of advantages and disadvantages.

Wall-mount Literature Display

As their name suggests, the wall-mount types are designed to mount on the wall, out of the way of tables và other surfaces. One of the biggest advantages of choosing an acrylic wall-mounted literature display is that it can’t get knocked over, scratched or broken due to impact.

Since it’s firmly attached to lớn the wall, there’sno risk of a person accidentally bumping your wall literature off và spilling its contents. This makes them one of the best choices for busy retail businesses that see a lot of customer foot traffic.

An obvious disadvantage is that they need khổng lồ be attached khổng lồ the wall. This makes them less convenient in retail stores with lots of open space, where a tabletop literature display might be more effective in distributing your literatures & sales material.

Tabletop Literature Stand

Tabletop, or countertop, display stands sit on top of the flat surface. Since they aren’t firmly mounted khổng lồ anything, they’re easy khổng lồ move sầu around your retail store and reposition on different tables, desks và countertops.

The biggest advantages of countertop plastic brochure holders are portability và access. Since they don’t need to lớn be mounted on a wall, they’re easy khổng lồ place on tables and other areas cthua thảm to lớn customers. If you operate a cà phê or bar, these display stands are ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for use on tables.

You can also use tabletop displays for almost anything. It can be a business thẻ holder, a leaflet holder, a magazine display, a suggestion box, & more.

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One of the biggest disadvantages though, is that they’re easier khổng lồ knock over và potentially damage. A careless customer or innocent mistake could easily result in a tabletop literature display falling to lớn the ground, making durable materials more important.

Single pocket vs. multiple pocket

Most sign holders are available in a single pocket & multi-pocket configuration. Multiple pocket holders often have space for as many as six literatures, making them a better choice if you sell a diverse range of products & have sầu several different materials to lớn distribute.

You can also use multi-pocket types to lớn distribute one literature. For instance, a trifold brochure holder has more space, which you can fill & forgetby keeping the samepamphlet in each pocket, giving you store space for six times as many literatures as a single pocket unit.

Finally, it’s possible to add a business card pocket. If you sell a high ticket cống phẩm and prefer to lớn take a personalized sales approach, this is a great way to lớn encourage prospects lớn take your business card at the same time as they take a pamphlet.

Which is best for your retail store?

There’s no “best” type -- from single-pocket to lớn multiple-pocket, wall-mount to lớn countertop, every type has advantages and disadvantages. The best option for your retail store depends on your marketing goals, sales process và budget. You may even just want a simple business thẻ holder lớn let clients contact you directly.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our products can help you deliver your marketing message to customers và prospects, contact us now.

Displays&Holders has been manufacturing acrylic point of purchase displays for over 25 years. Our advertising products are made right here in Anaheim, California. Orders can be placed on this ecommerce site, through e-mail or over the phone with one our customer service representatives. If you have sầu a question or need help with anything, our customer service representatives feel không tính tiền to hop on our trang web chat to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members. As the leading manufacturer of acrylic displays in the United States, 98% of orders ship within 24 hours và requests received before 1:00 pm Pacific time (M-F) ship in the same day. Make sure to lớn buy in bulk to lớn receive sầu enormous savings!

Find the best plastic display stands for your business or sự kiện. Literature racks make it easy for you to lớn display pertinent information on your business or sự kiện for destination visitors or those who just walk by.

Why Signs Work

People want an efficient way to lớn spot what they’re after & as a business, you want to make it easy for people khổng lồ identify what you vày before they waltz by. For events like festivals or swap meets, these signs areespecially beneficial as you can place them in exhibit booths. Relying on greeters or for shoppers to identify these things on their own leaves too much to chance when you have tools to help you capitalize on walk-in traffic. Choosing the right literature display/s depends on the amount of space you’re working with & how much (or how little) is said on the graphic you use in the literature display stand/s. Counter display/s are a smart way to give visitors an overview of services, prices or hours for a business or event.

Literature Display St& Best Practices

Simply throwing any old flyer into lớn a flyer stvà isn’t going lớn produce the best results. While your flyer holder is still going lớn get attention, there are some basic ways lớn enhance your flyer’s effectiveness. Here are some things khổng lồ keep in mind when using your literature stand:

Have your literatures và flyers professionally designed and printed. A good kiến thiết will reflect positively on your business.Place your most important message in the top one-third of the flyer. Most people’s eyes are going to glance across this portion first. This lead message should have your Hotline khổng lồ action in case this is all potential customers see.Avoid using poor photos, graphics, or images. Your visuals are essential, so don’t skimp in this area.Consider using coupons và special offers. These promos serve sầu as an incentive for a customer to lớn take a flyer, as well as allowing you to lớn trachồng how a particular offer performs.Proofread your flyer. It is far too familiar for companies lớn have sầu grammatical or syntax errors in their text. Not only does this come off as careless, but the unprofessionalism could cost your business valuable sales.Provide all of the information your customer needs khổng lồ make a decision. If you leave sầu room for mystery, it’s unlikely that you’ll get the Gọi. If nothing else, make sure there is a clear Hotline khổng lồ action, so customers know how to proceed.Make sure lớn print enough copies lớn be effective sầu. It is far better to overestimate your needs than to lớn underestimate it. One of the worst things that can happen is that you run out of literatures during heavy foot traffic.Consult with a professional to determine your best needs và best practices. Companies that make acrylic literature displays are in the right business. They can offer crucial advice for every aspect of using their stands. They want to lớn see your business succeed, so schedule a time to talk about your needs.

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A gọi To Action

When you clearly display this information for consumers in a way that’s easy to lớn digest, you create a Call khổng lồ action without doing anything beyond having a sign out. For business owners or event coordinators with many things on their plate, it’s unreasonable lớn think you will have sầu a team thành viên able to lớn verbally reach every single person who walks by. A sign does the work of a team member, answering essential questions for the consumer, & creates a Hotline lớn action for the potential shopper lớn inquire about a service or sản phẩm. Create a simple path for shoppers to learn more about what you’re doing, whether it’s every day at your business or for a specific duration while attending a trade show or industry event.You can even add a suggestion box, where customers can give sầu their suggestions on what lớn add or questions they may have that you can tương tác them for.

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