Reading and writing about literature: a portable guide

Brief & affordable, Reading & Writing About Literature acquaints you with strategies for reading literature while explaining the writing process for fiction, poetry, drama, and research papers.

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Janet E. Gardner (PhD, University of Massachusetts, Amherst) was formerly an associate professor of English at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, where she taught courses in drama, British và world literature, and writing. She has published numerous articles, Reviews, & chapters on contemporary drama, especially modern British drama & the work of Caryl Churchill. She has received several grants and awards for retìm kiếm inlớn current teaching technologies.Joanne Diaz is an associate professor in the English department at Illinois Wesleyan University.  Her collections of poetry include My Favorite Tyrants (winner of the Brittingsay mê Prize, University of Wisconsin Press, 2014) & The Lessons (winner of the Gerald Cable First Book Award, Silverfish Review Press, 2011). Her poems have appeared in AGNI, The American Poetry Đánh Giá, At Length, The Missouri review, Poetry, The Southern review, & Third Coast. She is the recipient of fellowships from the Illinois Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Bread Loaf Writers Conference, & the Sustainable Arts Foundation.  As a contributor to lớn the Bedford/St. Martin’s LitBits Blog, she shares her insights on literature, writing, and pedagogy.

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Table of Contents

Preface           1. INTRODUCTION TO READING AND WRITING ABOUT LITERATUREWhy Read Literature?    Why Write about Literature?What khổng lồ Expect in a Literature ClassLiterature and Enjoyment   2. THE ROLE OF GOOD READINGThe Value of Rereading   Critical Reading   The Myth of "Hidden Meaning"   Active sầu Reading    EMILY DICKINSON, "Because I could not stop for Death" (Annotated Poem)  Asking Critical Questions of LiteratureBEN JONSON, "On My First Son" (Annotated Poem)   Checkmenu for Good Reading  3. THE WRITING PROCESS    PrewritingThe Thesis   Organizing Your PaperDrafting the Paper   Revising and Editing     Global Revision Checklist      Local Revision Checklist       Final Editing Checklist    Peer Editing & Workshops Tips for Writing about Literature   Using Quotations EffectivelyQuoting from StoriesQuoting from Poems Quoting from Plays Manuscript Form   4. COMMON WRITING ASSIGNMENTS  SummaryResponse    JAMAICA KINCAID, “Girl”    STUDENT ESSAY: Tom Lyons, "A Boy"s View of "Girl""Explication      ROBERT HERRICK, "Upon Julia"s Clothes"    STUDENT ESSAY: Jessica Barnes, "Poetry in Motion: Herrick"s "Upon Julia"s Clothes""   Analysis        ROBERT BROWNING, “My Last Duchess”    STUDENT ESSAY: Adam Walker, Possessed by the Need for Possession: Browning"s "My Last Duchess""Comparison and Contrast       CHRISTINA ROSSETTI, "After Death"    STUDENT ESSAY: Todd Bowen, "Speakers for the Dead: Narrators in "My Last Duchess" and "After Death""  Essay Exams      WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, “Sonnet 73”    ROBERT HERRICK, “To the Virgins, khổng lồ Make Much of Time”    STUDENT ESSAY EXAM: Midterm Essay5. WRITING ABOUT STORIESElements of FictionStories for Analysis    CHARLOTTE PERKINS GILMAN, “The Yellow Wallpaper”       KATE CHOPIN, "The Story of an Hour" (Annotated Story)    Questions on the Stories       STUDENT ESSAY: An Essay that Compares và Contrasts: Melanie Smith, "Good Husbands in Bad Marriages"6. WRITING ABOUT POEMS    Elements of Poetry  Two Poems for Analysis    WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, "Sonnet 116" (Annotated Poem)   Questions on the Poem        T.S. ELIOT, "The Love sầu Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" (Annotated Poem)   Questions on the Poem        STUDENT ESSAY: An Explication: Patriông chồng McCorkle, "Shakespeare Defines Love"7. WRITING ABOUT PLAYS    Elements of Drama How khổng lồ Read a Play Director"s Questions for Play Analysis    SUSAN GLASPELL, “Trifles”        STUDENT ESSAY: An Analysis: Sarah Johnson, "Moral Ambiguity & Character Development in Trifles"8. WRITING A LITERARY RESEARCH PAPER  Finding SourcesEvaluating SourcesWorking with SourcesWriting the PaperUnderstanding and Avoiding PlagiarismWhat khổng lồ Document & What Not to lớn Document*Documenting Sources: MLA Format    *In-Text Citations       *Preparing Your Works Cited List     STUDENT ESSAY: Retìm kiếm Paper: Jarrad S. Nunes, "Emily Dickinson"s "Because I could not stop for Death": Challenging Readers" Expectations"9. LITERARY CRITICISM AND LITERARY THEORY   Formalism & New CriticismFeminist và Gender CriticismQueer Theory Marxist CriticismCultural StudiesPostcolonial Criticism    Historical Criticism & New HistoricismPsychological TheoriesReader-Response TheoriesStructuralismPoststructuralism and Deconstruction      Glossary of Critical & Literary Terms   Index of Terms  

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