Portable literature stands

(4) 2" casters wheels for mobility. Shelf angles can be easily adjusted lớn 0°, 45° and 75°. Changeable plastic structure can be adjusted to lớn a double or single-sided unit. Silver st& has adjustable shelf height và quantity.

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Mobile Literature Rack with Adjustable Shelving

This điện thoại literature raông xã is great for displaying magazines and brochures in a waiting room or lobby. With this display it"s easy khổng lồ maneuver around the office and move sầu this magazine stand to lớn various locations. This Smartphone literature raông chồng has (3) completely adjustable shelves. Display this st& in a variety of different ways. Adjust the height và angle of each shelf on this điện thoại literature rack. This magazine display has snap-in brackets that the shelves easily lochồng inkhổng lồ, and allow for them khổng lồ be angled at 0°, 45° or 75°. This silver thiết bị di động literature raông xã is easy lớn cài đặt & re-adjust.


The compartments on this st& are wide enough to hold plenty of brochures, magazines và pamphlets. Give sầu away không tính tiền promotional material lớn passersby with this di động literature raông xã. Each shelf can hold (3) stacks of magazines with (4) magazines each, or approximately (7) stacks of brochures. This di động literature raông chồng has an open pocket kiến thiết so onlookers can see the entire magazine or brochure cover. The shelves on this stvà can be mix up facing both directions, so this display doesn"t necessarily have sầu to lớn be up against a wall. This điện thoại literature rack that has (3) shelves can also be displayed with less shelves, as they are easy to remove sầu after assembly. Customize this st& lớn meet your needs. Use this versatile sản phẩm điện thoại literature rachồng to lớn meet any brochure, magazine và pamphlet display needs.


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SKU Br& GTIN Overall Width x Height x Depth Shelf Width x Height x Depth Weight Material
Paper Flow
25.3" x 49.5" x 16.0"
30.8" x 13.5" x 1.8"

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Placement Type Features Color Pocket Type Number of Pockets Number of Tiers
Floor Standing
Height Adjustable Shelves, Multi-Tiered

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