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Phan Huy Chú(1782–1840) was a Vietnamese mandarin administrator, scholar & historian. He was a son of the scholar & officialPhan Huy Ích, who had been a noted official in the short-lived Tay Son regime.

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Chụ was recruited khổng lồ go on a mission to lớn Đài Loan Trung Quốc in 1825, the 6th year of the reign ofMinh Mệnh. In 1828 he was appointed deputy governor ofThừa Thiên Province, & then in 1829 governor ofQuảng Nam Province.<1>Thereafter he continued to serve sầu the court as a diplomatic envoy, including on a fact-finding trip in 1833 that took him lớn Singapore và Batavia in the Dutch East Indies. Upon returning from the trip he submitted a report under the title "Summary Record of a Sea Journey."<2>
Phan Huy Chu(Han:潘輝注;1782-1840),self-Kkhô nóng Lam,BrandMai Phong;is the timetable forthe Nguyen Dynasty, & isa poet, a large bibliography<1>, scientistVietnam<2>.
Came in "clans Phan Huy" has a reputation for literature, childhood,Phan Huy Chu Haonamed after national diet taboo becauseUnclechange.He was the third son of the god namePhan Huy Ich& Ngo Thi Food (under "family Ngo Thi", also known in literature. She is the daughterNgo Thi Si, sister ofNgo Thi Nsay mê, she lost Phan Huy Chu when only 10 years old).
He was born and raised in Thuy Khue village, Yen Son district, Quoc Oai government (pre-provinceof Shanxi, after ofHatay, and now the village of Thuy Khue Street, Sai Son commune, districtQuoc Oai,Hanoi)<3>.
His original homelvà Chi Bong village, commune Harvest (first timeNguyenThien Loc district, The German government, town Nghe An Thach Chau commune today, districtLoc Ha, provinceof Ha Tinh).Year1787, a family in Phan Huy (và the grandfather of Phan Huy Chu) isPhan Huy(later renamed Ang), large mandarin under the reign ofLe-Trinc, having retired from the school office to place Thuy Khue village, and became "the first ancestor of the tribe of Phan Huy" here<4>.
Smart capital, are parents attentive parenting, again beenNgo Thi Nham(uncle) Forged taught since age 6<5>;but both timesthi Huong(Ding Mao,1807; andthe Rabbit,1819), he just passedBaccalaureate(should keep calling hlặng "Double Master", because in the village & park me twice).Since then, he quit the exam, just concentrate on the retìm kiếm and authorship<2>.
But not high pass, but he still had a reputation for his vast knowledge.So, inTan Ty(1821), KingMinh Mangfor his million into lớn capital, on his appointment as Bien tu Quoc Tu Giam School inHue.This year, he offered lớn the king ofDynasty Calendar Releasecompiled by him (launch preparation at school, to the year1809is essentially completed)<2>, & be rewarded.

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Yearof the Rooster(1825), he was made ​​deputy ambassador to supplementĐài Loan Trung Quốc.When on, the government made ​​redundant PhuThien, and promoted Hiep TranQuang Nam(1829).Some time later, he was dealternative text for a foul, was promoted to lớn Hue holds exclusive sầu market in the Academy.
Year ofthe Cat(1831), again sung Phan Huy Chu as deputy envoy tothe Qing(China).But when the nations, all the embassy & were demoted (he was sacked), for "catching the right"<6>.
The following year (Dragon,1832), for hlặng lớn serve in the mission to lớn Batavia (Jiang Liu Ba,Indonesia) lớn establish the atonement.
Return (Horse Armor,1834), he was appointed as Justice forthe Public.Then, because of bureaucratic boring place, he retired to report siông chồng Thanh khô Mai village, Tien Phong district (now Vu Thang commune, districtof Ba Vi,Hanoi).Here, he worked as a teaching & writing books until his death.
His grave sầu at Mai Trai village, Van Thang commune, districtof Ba Vi, (front ofHatay, now part ofHanoi).

The major works

Vietnam giới Royal Geographical balanceThe Wild West performer du Mai continentStates continue soaking processShipping comb lice,also known asYang is the sign(see notes things go at Batavia)Comments classic diachronic weak communication,etc ..
Overall, Phan Huy Chu renowned researcher, in translation, rather than poets, writers.Works of his most valuable is theJournal Calendar Dynasty.This can be considered as "the encyclopedia" First ofVietnam<9>.Next, more significant is theVietnamese Hoang Geographical balance, geographic record of Vietnam<9>.

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Phan Huy Chu"s wife Nguyen Thi Vu, daughterDr.Nguyen The Lich (ie Nguyen Gia Phan), the Lung Yen Village,Tu Liem district(now inHoai Duc,Hanoi).Mr. skilled medicine, và former agency officials Upper cover letter toHH thereign ofXishan.Yearin 1803, he was KingGia Longwrong spanking in Literature withNgo Thi Nham<10>.

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Reference books

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