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L> McDougal Littell Grade 8 McDougal Littell AUDIO LIBRARY This CD collection is available for checkout: AC 425 M32Grade 8 Audio CD Contents Charles Shirley Jackson 9:23 Unit 1 Insights Part 1. Understanding Relationships Checkouts Cynthia Rylant 8:28 Raymond”s Run Toni Cade Bambara 20:07 Stop the Sun Gary Paulsen 18:12 A Mother in Mannville Marjorie K. Rawlings 21:08 The Ransom of Chief O. Henry 20:56 Born Worker Gary Solớn 21:44 Part 2. Making Discoveries The Great Rat Hunt Laurence Yep 22:27 Flying Reeve Lindbergh 13:46 Reprise, from High Tide in Tucson Barbara Kingsolver 6:22 The King of Mazy May Jachồng London 17:14 San Francisteo Fire: The Story of an Eyewitness Jaông xã London 14:29 Unit 2 Rising to lớn the Challenge Part 1. Showing Determination Mother lớn Son Langston Hughes :44 Speech to lớn the Young Gwendolyn Brooks :35 The Charge of the Light Brigade Alfrkhudothi-kingcất cá, Lord Tennyson 1:54 Mr. Misenheimer”s Garden, from On the Road with Charles Kuralternative text Charles Kuralt 5:21 Simile: Willow & Ginkgo Eve Merriam 1:23 A Loaf of Poetry Naoshi Koriyama :26 Flowers for Algernon (Part 1 of 2) Daniel Keyes 43:21 Flowers for Algernon (Part 2 of 2) Daniel Keyes 42:01 the lesson of the moth Don Marquis 2:08 Part 2. Taking Chances The Million-Pound Bank Note Mark Twain, dramatizkhudothi-kingcất cá by Walter Hackett 32:32 The Bet Anton Chekhov 16:09 I Steppkhudothi-kingcất cá from Plank lớn Plank Emily Dickinson :26 Child on Top of a Greenhouse Theodore Roethke :30 Unit 3 The Human Spirit Part 1. Moments that Matter The Treasure of Lemon Brown Walter Dean Myers 18:44 Rules of the Game Amy Tan 30:51 Fear Gabriela Mistral :58 Mikhudothi-kingbay.como Gabriela Mistral 1:02 Identity Julio Noboa 1:16 ldentidad Julio Noboa 1:33 Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening Robert Frost :53 The Moustabít Robert Cormier 20:đôi mươi from Introduction to Grand Mothers Nikki Giovanni 11:03 Legacies Nikki Giovanni :41 the drum Nikki Giovanni :13 Choices Nikki Giovanni :48 A Journey Nikki Giovanni 1:09 Knoxville, Tennessee Nikki Giovanni :32 Part 2. Voices of Courage The Diary of Anne Frank (Part 1 of 2) Francis Goodrich and Albert Hackett 48:00 The Diary of Anne Frank (Part 2 of 2) Francis Goodrich & Albert Hackett 70:15 from The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank Willy Lindwer 15:25 from All But My Life Gerdomain authority Weissmann Klein 11:46 A Diary from Another World Gerdomain authority Weissmann Klein 6:49 Unit 4 Strange Goings-On Part 1.

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Twists và Turns Rain, Rain, Go Away Isaac Asimov 15:02 The Dinner Party Momãng cầu Gardner 4:05 Southbound on the Freeway May Swenson :56 who knows if the moon”s E.

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E. Cummings :51 The Lady, or the Tiger? Frank R. Stockton 18:30 Future Tense Robert Lipsyte 19:58 Part 2. Tales Told in the Dark The Tell-Tale Heart khudothi-kingcất cánh.comgar Allan Poe 12:46 Man-Made Monsters Daniel Cohen 8:10 The Ballad of the Harp-Weaver khudothi-kingcất cánh.commãng cầu St. Vincent Millay 3:31 The Hitchhiker Lucille Fletcher 24:31 The Third Wish Joan Aiken 14:01 The Monkey”s Paw W. W. Jacobs 26:22 Unit 5 American Voices Part 1. Building a Nation Paul Revere”s Ride Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 5:33 Entering Indian Country, from Undauntkhudothi-kingcất cá Courage Stephen E. Ambrose 9:42 War Party Louis L” Amour 29:56 from Harriet Tubman: Conductor on the Underground Railroad Ann Petry 21:10 from Lincoln: A Photobiography Russell Frekhudothi-kingcất cánh.comman 15:55 O Captain! My Captain! Walt Whitman 1:22 Civil War Journal Louisa May Alcott 10:42 from Roughing It Mark Twain 10:35 A Fable, from The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories Mark Twain 5:25 Part 2. Remembering Heritage Block Party Jewell Parker Rhodes 7:23 The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse William Saroyan 14:48 from In Commemoration: One Million Volumes Rudotfo Anaya 9:45 from Wait Till Next Year Doris Kearns Goodwin 14:30 Lift Every Voice and Sing James Weldon Johnson 1:49 from I Was Dreaming khổng lồ Come khổng lồ America Immigrant Voices 2:27 This L& is Your Lvà Woody Guthrie 2:03 Unit 6 Across Cultures: The Oral Tradition Links khổng lồ Unit One: Insights Strawberries Gayle Ross 4:03 Aunty Misery retold by Judith Orriz Cofer 4:43 Links lớn Unit Two: Rising to the Challenge Racing the Great Bear retold by Joseph Bruchac 16:29 Otoonah retold by Robert D San Souci 15:52 Links to Unit Three: The Human Spirit Paul Bunyan & Babe, the Blue Ox retold by Adrien 6:02 The Souls in Purgatory retold by Guadalupe Baca-Vaughn 10:09 Links to lớn Unit Four: Strange Goings-On The Woman in the Snow retold by Patricia McKissack 16:19 The Girl in the Lavender Dress retold by Maureen Scott 7:57 Links lớn Unit Five: American Voices John Henry Traditional 3:03 Pecos Bill retold by Mary Pope Osborne 13:26

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