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Giới thiệu 5 cuốn sách ngôn ngữ giờ đồng hồ Anh viết về Văn uống học tập

Trong chuyên mục “Sách xuất xắc kỳ này”, Trung trọng tâm Học liệu nằm trong Trung trung khu CNTT-TT&HL xin giới thiệu tới bạn đọc 05 5 cuốn sách ngôn từ giờ Anh. Đây đầy đủ là mối cung cấp tư liệu tham khảo có ích cùng với các fan hâm mộ học, phân tích, huấn luyện và giảng dạy tiếng Pháp. quý khách hàng đọc quyên tâm rất có thể cho Trung chổ chính giữa Học liệu ( Tầng 2 – nhà C3, CT Khoa Pháp) để được phục vụ. Dưới đó là một trong những công bố vế 5 cuốn sách đó:

1.The Norton anthology of English literature: Vol.2 /


Tác giả: Abrams, M. H (Meyer Howard).

Bạn đang xem: W

Xuất bản: Thành Phố New York ; London : W.W. Norton, 1993

Số ISBN: 039396289x :.

Ký hiệu phận các loại : 8trăng tròn.8

Số ĐKCB : 11780

Nội dung : The Sixth Edition of The Norton Anthology of English Literature continues lớn be the indispensable anthology. Like its predecessors, the Sixth Edition offers the best in English literature from the classic to lớn the contemporary in a readable, teachable format. More selections by women and twentieth-century writers, a richer offering of contextual writings, apparatus fully revised khổng lồ reflect today"s scholarship, và a new larger tryên form size make the Sixth Edition the choice for breadth, depth, & chất lượng.

The Romantic Period

A major addition is a selection of Lord Byron"s incomparable letters, as well as his poem "On this day I complete my thirty sixth year." Sir Walter Scott"s fine short story "The Two Drovers" và two new poems fittingly expand the representation of this major Romantic writer. Doubling the number of Romantic lyric poets are, newly anthologized, Anmãng cầu Laetitia Barbauld, Charlotte Smith, William Lisle Bowles, Joanna Baillie, & Felicia Dorothea Hemans.

The Victorian Age

Selections from Elizabeth Barrett Browning"s "Aurora Leigh" have sầu been almost doubled. From George Eliot"s "The Mill on the Floss" come the first five chapters, a self-contained section on Maggie Tulliver"s childhood. New also are Christimãng cầu Rossetti"s engaging poem "Promises Like Pie-Crust," Osoto Wilde"s "The Critic as Artist," and excerpts from John Ruskin"s autobiography "Praeterita." The much-assigned section of "Victorian Issues" on "The Woman Question" has been expanded with selections from Coventry Patmore"s "Angel in the House" and Harriet Martineau"s "Autobiography."

The Twentieth Century

Virginia Woolf"s "A Room of One"s Own," a cornerstone of feminist criticism, is now included in its entirety & her short story "The Legacy" has been added, allowing Woolf to be taught as the major writer she is. Katherine Mansfield is now represented by a second story, "The Garden-Party," và George Orwell"s powerful "Shooting an Elephant" joins his "Politics & the English Language." Newly anthologized are Nadine Gordimer and Fleur Adcoông xã, whose work further extends the geographical reach of the anthology, Contemporary poetry is strengthened by additional poems by Seamus Heaney and Philip Larkin.

In addition, the entire text has been redesigned & remix for easier reading.

2.Literature, the human experience /


Tác giả: Abcarian, Richard; Abcarian, Richard; Klotz, Marvin.

Xuất bản: Thủ đô New York : St. Martin"s Press, c1980

Ký hiệu phận loại : 808.8

Số ĐKCB : 11728

Nội dung : A proven classroom favorite for more than three decades, this anthology continues lớn appeal to lớn students and instructors with its broad range of enticing stories, poems, plays, và essays and its flexible structure. The arrangement by both theme & genre encourages students lớn think deeply about crucial topics while they learn about the four main genres of literature. The new edition provides a broader selection of works — including many from non-Western traditions — và more help for reading literature.

3.Literature for composition : essays, fiction, poetry, và drama /


Tác giả: Barnet, Sylvan.

Xuất bản: Thành Phố New York : Macmillan, c1988

Số ISBN: 0024399507

Ký hiệu phận một số loại : 808.8

Số ĐKCB : E.11739

Nội dung :

4.Literature of the Western world : Volume I: The ancient world through the renaissance/


Tác giả: Wilkie, Brian; Hurt, James.

Số ĐKCB : E.11740- E11740

Ký hiệu phận các loại : 808.8

Số ISBN: 0024399507.

Nội dung : The most comprehensive sầu best-selling anthology of its kind, the second volume in this two-part survey enables readers to choose among the most important canonical và less-familiar texts of the Western literary tradition in Europe and the Americas. It offers complete texts whenever possible, uses the best translations of foreign-language material, &, when appropriate, presents more than one text by each author. Volume Two provides detailed historical & biographical notes và introductions to the later literary periods including Neoclassicism & Romanticism; Realism and Naturalism; & Modern & Contemporary. Individuals interested in a comprehensive sầu look at Western literature through the ages.

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From the Inside Flap:


This fifth edition of Literature of the Western World is intended, as its predecessors were, lớn provide the best possible materials for courses in the literatures of Europe và America from the earliest times khổng lồ the present. It is a textbook in the broad sense of "a book of texts," rather than in the narrow one of a book arranged along the lines of a single course. It is a small khudothi-kingbay.comrary of Western literature upon which a wide range of courses might be based and which students might preserve after a particular class is over as a useful part of their personal khudothi-kingbay.comraries. Through the successive sầu incarnations of the book, the editors have clung lớn a quite personal conception of their roles as participants in a conversation with instructors and students who use the book, and they have sầu made choices of texts và presentation accordingly.

In such a conversation, the first question is, inevitably, "What shall we read?" This text is limited lớn the literatures of Europe & America & thus is designed either for courses in Western literature or for the Western portions of courses in global literature. The editors are acutely aware that the West is not the world & that a course in Western literature, even a two-semester one, should be part of a curriculum that includes non-Western literature as well, preferably with books that treat the literatures of East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, và South America as thoroughly as this one does Western literature.

Even within Western literature, two volumes, thiông xã as they are, can include only a tiny fraction of the most highly regarded & most influential works. The editors have sầu adopted principles of both balance & range in making their hard choices. The text goes from about 2000 B.C. to lớn 2000 A.D., & the editors have sầu tried to lớn represent the earlier periods as fully and fairly as the later ones. The temporal range và balance are matched by a range & balance of literary modes. If the works included were divided inkhổng lồ the modes of lyric, narrative, and drama, the result would be three substantial anthologies of poems, stories, và plays. The national literatures within the boundaries of the subject have sầu been represented in a balanced way as well, as far as possible. Balance, too, has been the goal in the representation of "high" and "low" literature (both Oedipus Rex và Aesop"s Fables) and literature by women and men (Marguerite de Navarre as well as Boccaccio, Anmãng cầu Akhmatova as well as Rainer Maria Rilke).

The way the texts are presented has been as important to lớn the editors as their selection. The editors are aware that most students who use Literature of the Western World are encountering the works in it for the first time. Therefore, they try to lớn make the initial encounter as rich và meaningful as possible. This means that translations of works in languages other than English must be carefully chosen, not only for accuracy but also for readability &, above all, for capturing the literary chất lượng of the original as vividly as possible. Robert Fitzgerald"s translations of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the longest selection from a single author in the anthology, achieve these goals, as bởi Robert Fagles"s and Phillip Vellacott"s translations of Greek tragedy, H. R. Huse"s translation of the Divine Comedy, Louise và Aylmer Maude"s translations of Tolstoy, and Stephen Mitchell"s translations of Rilke. In a number of cases, we have been able to lớn include translations by distinguished writers in their own right. Thus the Irish poets Thomas Kinsella and Derek Mahon translate the Irish Tain and the poems of Gerard de Nerval; the American poets Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, William Cullen Bryant, W. S. Merwin, and Denise Levertov translate some of the Renaissance lyrics; Marianne Moore & Richard Wilbur translate La Fontaine and Moliere respectively; and Randall Jarrell translates Faust. The great English novecác mục Tobias Smollett translates Voltaire, his contemporary; and D. M. Thomas translates both Alexander Pushkin và Anmãng cầu Akhmatova. Such pairings of congenial temperaments often result in happy blendings that read like original works.

Introductions & annotations are also intended khổng lồ help the student feel at trang chính in the often remote and unfamiliar worlds of the writers. Extensive sầu period introductions survey historical events và provide syntheses of the thematic và aesthetic preoccupations of each period. Detailed introductions to individual authors & works place each work in the context of its author"s life và times and suggest what lớn look out for in a first reading without giving away the nội dung or imposing a single interpretation. Annotations are economical & factual rather than interpretive sầu but ample enough to lớn minimize trips khổng lồ the dictionary or encyclopedia.

The fifth edition retains much from the previous editions, especially texts that instructors told us were especially important in a course in Western literature, but it also includes a great giảm giá of new material. The most striking innovation is perhaps the sections of "Cultural Texts" for each period. These are made up of selections that, though they may have sầu considerable literary value themselves, are likely to lớn be read principally for their ideas rather than their literary merits. A few of these are works of literary theory, such as Aristotle"s Poetics, Boileau"s Art of Poetry, and the selection from Raymond Williams"s The Long Revolution. Most, though, are works of philosophy, history, political science, và other nonliterary fields that express directly some of the ideas that poets, storytellers, và playwrights express indirectly. A total of forty-three of these cultural texts appear in the two volumes as illuminating companion pieces khổng lồ the works of literature proper.

A second structural change is not strictly new but represents an expansion of features of the earlier editions: a number of sections of lyric poetry in both volumes, a series of minianthologies within the anthology. The fourth edition included such a section of French Symbocác mục và Modernist Poetry. This edition adds similar sections of Greek và Latin Lyric Poetry, Renaissance Lyric Poetry, and Romantic Lyric Poetry. Some of the poets included in these sections appeared separately in previous editions; placing them in the contexts of their contemporaries considerably enriches our reading of them.

A third new feature of the book is greater attention lớn popular literature. There is a temptation in compressing all of Western literature into lớn two volumes to focus on the most heroic works, often aristocratic in origin. But the "high" literature of the West has always been accompanied by the "low," và we have sầu tried to acknowledge its presence by including such popular forms as folktales, beast fables, & tales of wonder throughout the two volumes. Thus in Volume I Aesop"s fables follow the Odyssey, the medieval beast-epic Renard the Fox follows the Lais of Marie de France, & the Thousand & One Nights follows the Divine Comedy. Folk tales in sophisticated retellings appear near the beginning và near the end of Volume Il, in La Fontaine"s suave sầu, ironic Fables & Calvino"s Italian Folktales, in which folk tradition meets postmodernism.

A number of other changes are local rather than structural. Euripides"s extraordinary Helen is a metaplay that forms a good companion piece not only lớn the horrific Medea but also lớn Homer"s trương mục of Helen in the Iliad & the Odyssey. Beowulf has given way to a selection from the Irish national epic The Cattle Raid of Cooley và an Icelandic saga. Strong recent postcoloniadanh sách readings of Shakespeare"s The Tempest led us to substitute it for Henry IV, Part 1 (though postcolonial themes are not absent from that play, either).

Changes in Volume II are just as extensive. Diderot"s Rameau"s Nephew is a hilarious, unsettling counter-voice lớn the Enlightenment texts grouped with it. Pushkin"s The Bronze Horseman is a better sample of Pushkin than The Queen of Spades, since it is for his poetry that the Russians chiefly treasure hlặng. Balzac"s Colonel Chabert strengthens our representation of nineteenth-century French fiction. Tolstoy"s The Kreutzer Sonata has replaced The Death of Ivan Ilyich as a better example of the interesting complexities và conflicts of Tolstoy"s thought và art. The twentieth century has been bolstered by the addition of the poems of Rilke và Akhmatova & of Eliot"s The Waste Lvà, by Sartre"s No Exit, and by Richard Wright"s The Man Who Lived Underground. As a conclusion (for the moment) lớn four thous& years of literary history the editors have sầu chosen Chinua Achebe"s Things Fall Apart, a wonderful novel which, phối in Nigeria but drawing on the full resources of the European novel, connects the literature of "the Western world" to lớn the rest of the world, a significant note on which khổng lồ begin a new century và a new millennium.

Aao ước the participants in the ongoing conversation that resulted in this book are friends who took an active part in planning và advising on this edition. They include the following: Randy Malamud, Georgia State

Số ĐKCB : E.14400

5.The American tradition in literature /


Tác giả: Bradley, Sculley; .

Xem thêm: Young Adult Literature Internet Resources By Theme/Topic, Popular Young Adult Fiction Themes

Xuất bản: Melbourne : Thomas Nelson (Australia), 1978

Số ISBN: 0448131501

Ký hiệu phận một số loại : 808.8

Số ĐKCB: E.011760

Nội dung:

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