American literature

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American LiteraturePeriods of Am. Lit.1.Beginning of American Literature:1607-1776 Colonial Period1765-1790 The Revolutionary Age1775-1828 The Early National Period2. Romanticism,Transcendentalism 1828-1865The Romantic Period(Also known as:TheAmerican Renaissance) The Age of Transcendentalism 186519003. Realism, NaturalismThe Realistic Period 1900-1914
The Naturalistic Period (extreme realism)1914-1939 1920s 1920s, 1930s:American Modernist Period:Jazz Age,Harlem RenaissanceThe "Lost Generation"1939-present 1950s 1960s, 1970sThe Contemporary Period: The Beat generation American Literature recognizes worksof:African-American WritersNative sầu American WritersAsian-American WritersColonial Period Periods of Am. Literature vary a lot It´s impossible to give sầu exact dates The first literature started toappear afterfounding of the first settlement at
Jamestown in 1607 It continuoud till the outbreak of theRevolutionLiterary genres: Historical writings Religious themes –sermons (kázání)tractsWriters:Anne Bradstreet (poet)Benjamin Franklin (The Way khổng lồ Wealth)William BradfordThe Revolutionary Age The greakiểm tra documents of Americanhistory were authored: Thomas Paine (Comtháng Sense – heurged independence) The Declaration of Independence(Thomas Jefferson - 1776) The Constitution(1789 - ratified)
The Early National Period Beginnings of true Am. Literature The writers wrote in th English style butthe settings, themes and characters wereauthentically American Washington Irving – he wrote about Am.Life, biography of G. Washington James Fenimore Cooper – The Last of theMohicans Edgar Allan PoeE.A.Poe (1809-1849) son of a poor actress (drastic death) his father alcoholic He was taken by his guardian Mr. Allan Studied West Point – kicked out Marriage with 13 year-old cousin She died of TB ten years later – despair,grief was reflected in his works 1849 found delirious in a steet
 The Raven (poem) -a tired, unhappystudent asks if he ever meets his loveagain His doubts are underlined by the raven´srepetition „nevermore“,symbol of doubts và longing The Golden Bug The Pit and the Pendulum The Blachồng Cat The Murders in the Rue Morgue The Fall of the House of UsherHis work: 1. realism: detective sầu stories – logical,brilliant, rational 2. romanticism – irrationalism, mystery,violence, criminality, death, passionPerverse, vulgar, grotesque style.Transcendentalism American reflection of Europeanromanticism Philosophical movement
The transcendal philosophy was basedon:1.Free willHumanityIntuitionIndividual conscienceIt glories nature2.3.4.5. All transcendentalists were isolated people They lived in „Utopian Community“ –Brookfarm near Boston The individual can transcend the world& discover union with God and Ideal
Main representatives: Ralph Walvày Thoreau Henry David ThoreauOther Romantic Writers Herman Melville – symbomenu (Moby-Dick) Nathaniel Hawthorne (The Scarlet Letter)the main theme –sinHester has te wear letter A – means adulteress Walternative Whitman (poet) Emily Dickinson (poet)Realistic Period After Civil War: Social injustice – first millionaires appear(Rockefeller) discoveries in science (railway, telegraphcable, telephone,…) Growth of education Twain called this period „gilded age“Realism kích hoạt against romanticism Main literary size – novel Authors accuse romanticism of falsehood

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 They describe common things, commonplaces, everyday lifeMark Twain His real name: Samuel Langorne Clemens He spent his childhood on the Mississippiriver Workedon a steamboat on the Mississippi Travelled a lot He recollects his childhood in his books The Innocents Abroad The Gilded Age The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The Advedntures of Huckleberry FinnTom likes danger, he´s always able toavoid problems, Huchồng represents socialconscience, he´s sensitive sầu khổng lồ everythingaround himNaturalism Derived from the word nature (interest innature)
 It has its origin in France – Zola Prople are influenced by environmentalforces (outside us) và inner drives (insideus) – peole can ´t control them The main drives of characters: hunger,fear, sex, … Their writings are often cruel & tragic. Stephen Crane Jaông chồng London (Tjhe Call of the Wild) Theodore Dreiser (An American Tragedy) Upton Sinclair (The Jungle)

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