Key differences between literature and language

Main Difference – Language vs Literature

Language & Literature are two interrelated concepts. Language can be simply defined as the study of sounds, words, và sentences whereas literature is the study of written work. The existence of literature is solely based on language. The main difference between language and literature is that language giao dịch with both spoken & written aspects whereas literature mainly deals with written work.

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What is Language

Language is an abstract system of symbols and meanings governed by grammatical rules. Language can be mainly divided into two sections: oral language (the language we speak) and written language. There are also many study areas of language such as phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, etc.

Phonology studies the speech sounds in the language.

Morphology studies the composition of words.

Syntax studies the manner in which words are put together khổng lồ khung phrases và sentences.

Semantics studies the meaning in language.

It is our advanced language ability that mix us apart from other species on earth. Language is a fascinating subject. Though it is governed by a set of rules, language is not a static thing; it evolves và changes every moment. Meanings of some words change over time. Some words go out of use while some new words take their place.

There are many languages in the world. English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, German are some of the most spoken languages in the world. In năm ngoái, SIL Ethnologue cataloged 7,102 living human languages. Even these languages, have sầu different varieties that are known as dialects.


What is Literature

Literature is a term that can be defined as written and sometimes spoken material. As a subject, it can be simply defined as the study of written work. Various definitions have been used to interpret literature throughout the history. Sometimes literature is defined as artistic works with a high & lasting artistic value.

Literature is categorized according khổng lồ various forms; it can be classified as fiction and nonfiction or verse and prose. It can be further divided into lớn major literary formats such as poems, drama, novel, & short story. Literature can be studied under various classifications such as time period, geographical locations, nature, etc. (Classical literature, French literature, Colonial literature, medieval literature, Modern literature, Romantic period, etc.)

Most people assume that literature is a field that deals with creative sầu and imaginary work of authors. However, non-fiction that contains facts & information is also considered as a part of literature.


Difference Between Language & Literature


Language is an abstract system of symbols & meanings governed by grammatical rules.

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Literature refers khổng lồ written works, especially those considered to lớn be of superior or lasting artistic value.

Written vs Spoken

Language is both spoken & written.

Literature mostly studies written work.


Language can be studied through literature.

Literature also studies the language.


Language was the first to lớn come inkhổng lồ being.

Literature cannot exist without language.

Area of Study

Language studies rules and structure; it is more technical than literature.

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Literature studies the work and styles of different authors; it is a more aesthetic subject.


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