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In most high schools in America, junior year has been dedicated as the American Literature course. And while that might be the case, I found that MOST of the high school English experience is dedicated lớn American (meaning, from the United States of America) authors và settings, not just during junior year. I’ve only spent a few years at this màn chơi, but what I noticed quickly is that American students generally have a tunnel vision narrative sầu of America.

America is certainly a diverse, conflicted, & important place khổng lồ understand, but we have a pretty serious blind spot lớn reckon with: what about the rest of the planet? What’s severely lacking in our curriculums are experiences for students that help them see the US from the outside in, rather than only from the inside out, &, not lớn mention, the ability lớn see that the American way of doing things is not the ONLY way. Adding international stories and perspectives into our student’s high school education is vital as they move inlớn a global economy và a world much bigger than the bubbles where they are growing up. Sure, we’re offering novels here & there, and short stories too, but from where I’m standing (myself included!) is intentionality in making sure that our students don’t graduate with single story narratives of the rest of the world. We must combat the ethnocentrism that American schooling perpetuates.

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So I started collecting titles. This year, my students will embark on a new unit within their English 3 experience focused on this essential question: How vì chưng I find my voice in a global conversation? I wanted books authored by people from countries other than the United States & that take places in settings outside of the US as well. Some of these stories are immigrant experiences và provide contrasts between the US and the protagonist’s trang chủ country, but for the most part, the stories take place entirely away from US soil. If you’re looking khổng lồ change up your curriculum too, check out my không lấy phí curriculum map template to lớn help you get started.

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This các mục is broken down by country, but that’s just to give us a starting point. This menu needs khổng lồ grow & evolve: I have sầu admittedly not been able to lớn read every single title on the các mục, so many of my selections were based on Review and recommendations from others that helped me categorize them và decide if they would be appropriate for the secondary English cấp độ. There are a handful of YA novels on this list, but for the most part, I tried lớn include a balance of text levels for struggling lớn advanced readers. And, to make things easier for you, I’ve included a không tính phí tải về of a Google Docs (editable!) version of this blog post at the very end! This post is a living, breathing document that will continue to grow. Have a title to add? Share in the comments below!

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