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The program uses two main books: the text book which contains all the lessons, andA World Literature Anthology, with excerpts of (yep!) world literature. To complete the course, I ran up to my local Half-Price Book Store và purchased copies ofThe Odysseyby Homer,The Little Princeby Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, andCry, the Beloved Countryby Alan Paton. I had khổng lồ orderNo Fear Shakespeare, Romeo & Julietby William Shakespeare off of Amazon.That"s it. The textbook & anthology are the main materials my son needs. It"s phối up for a 5 daily lessons each week, but honestly, you can vị as many as you want in a sitting. Sometimes we do one lesson in a day, & sometimes we push & do all five sầu. I LOVE the versatility of it!But what I love even more, is that this program explores literature from all over the world & throughout history. I"ve sầu loved learning và exploring right alongside my kid. And when I"m excited about it, he enjoys it more & we have sầu great discussions.This course isn"t designed to lớn read just a few books in their entirety. Instead, it is like a smörgåsbord that presents amazing literary works from all over the globe.

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Right now, we are in Epic Poetry, partially because we"ve sầu so enjoyed exploring some of the new stuff. For example, we"ve sầu all heard of haiku poetry, but neither one of us had ever heard of tanka poems. We spent some extra time with that.
I am SO grateful that we homeschool because I don"t feel pressured inlớn getting it all done as quickly as possible. We can enjoy this and while we may go ahead and push the learning through the summer, if we don"t finish until a few months into lớn the new school year, we"re okay with that.
I love sầu the diversity & thoroughness of this curriculum. So far, we"ve sầu read excerpts of Hindu hymns from the Rig Veda, the Epic of Gilgamesh (of course!), African proverbs, Japanese folktales, Aesop"s fables, Zen parables, portions of the Bible, the Analects of Confucius, and even suras from the Koran.

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Seriously, you can see why I like it và highly recommend it. Last week, I told you about the world cultures curriculum I"m planning for my elementary kid. Now, I"m sharing one for my high schooler!! Yay!
I just cannot áp lực enough how important it is to lớn me for my kids to travel the world. And if we can"t vị it physically because of a pandemic, then we"ll vì chưng it virtually through online programs và books. And curricula lượt thích this one from Comtháng Sense Press is excellent. I recommkết thúc 100%!!
I also love sầu that my 15yo kid actually LIKES it. This is not always the case with him. He struggles so much with dysgraphia that he automatically complains about any subject with written assignments (Hello? All of them?!). But he does enjoy these lessons.
Based on this experience, I bởi plan on using their other curricula for high school literature with my kid. Next year, we"ll probably dive inkhổng lồ British Literature as my kid loves all things British (including the accent).
If your kids aren"t old enough for high school, yet. Check out their other LLATL textbooks. They start with 1st grade.

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So if you are homeschooling a high schooler (or preparing khổng lồ bởi vì so in the fall), go and kiểm tra out this curriculum.
If you"re already convinced và off khổng lồ buy it yourself, then here"s a discount code for you! Get 15% off when you enter the code:Summer2021
The winner gets to choose 1 Teacher/Student set from Learning Language Arts Through Literature or 1 Great Science Adventures!

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